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Jensen v. Gale, et al
as 15-4006
Plaintiff - Appellant: BRETT JENSEN
Defendant - Appellee: JAMES GALE, a Logan City Police Officer, in his individual and official capacities, GARY JENSEN, Logan City Chief of Police, in his individual and official capacities, LOGAN CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and others
Madden v. Regional University System, et al
as 15-6008
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID P. MADDEN
Defendant - Appellee: REGIONAL UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF OKLAHOMA, a State of Oklahoma constitutionally created governing board, NOTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY, a public university, CARI KELLER, in her individual and official capacity and others
Rowley v. Morant, et al
as 15-2010
Plaintiff - Appellant: TRAVIS RYAN ROWLEY
Defendant - Appellee: KEVIN MORANT, MICHAEL FOX, FRANK FLORES and others
Goss, et al v. Board of County Commissioners, et al
as 15-5004
Plaintiff - Appellant: DONALD JAY GOSS, LINDA SUE GOSS
Defendant - Appellee: CREEK COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, State of Oklahoma, JOHN DAVIS, Creek County Sheriff, in his official capacity
Fymbo v. City and County of Denver, et al
as 15-1016
Plaintiff - Appellant: DONALD E. FYMBO
Defendant - Appellee: CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER COLORADO, MITCHELL R. MORRISEY, District Attorney, ALFRED HARRELL, Denver County Judge and others
Canfield v. Douglas County, et al
as 15-1014
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAWN CANFIELD
Defendant - Appellee: DOUGLAS COUNTY, a public entity, DOUGLAS COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, VALERIE ELSON, individual and official capacity and others
Moreno v. Casino, et al
as 15-2008
Plaintiff - Appellant: ELIZABETH MORENO
Defendant - Appellee: SANDIA CASINO, A. MIRAND, J. RODRIGUEZ and others
Mglej v. Garfield County, et al
as 15-4002
Plaintiff - Appellant: MATTHEW T. MGLEJ
Defendant - Appellee: GARFIELD COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of Utah, GARFIELD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, a subdivision of the State of Utah, GARFIELD COUNTY JAIL, a subdivision of the State of Utah and others
Quarrie v. N.M. Inst. of Mining & Tech, et al
as 15-2006
Plaintiff - Appellant: LINDSAY O'BRIEN QUARRIE
Williams v. City of Tulsa, et al
as 15-5002
Plaintiff - Appellant: DEMARCO DEON WILLIAMS
Defendant - Appellee: CITY OF TULSA, RON PALMER
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