U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

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Cases filed
Cases 31 - 40 of 2,313
Hubert v. Miller
as 23-312
Petitioner / Appellant: Delano Hubert
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Mark Miller
Cruz v. Coveny
as 23-284
Petitioner / Appellant: James Cruz
Respondent / Appellee: R. Coveny, Superintendent
Musaid v. State of New York
as 23-264
Petitioner / Appellant: Mohamed Musaid
Respondent: State of New York
Respondent / Appellee: Michael Kirkpatrick, Superintendent of Clinton Correctional Facility
Daum v. Eckert
as 23-272
Petitioner / Appellant: Terry Daum
Respondent / Appellee: Stewart Eckert
Brefo-Sarpong v. Annucci
as 23-256
Petitioner / Appellant: Joseph Brefo-Sarpong
Respondent / Appellee: Anthony Annucci
Giovinco v. Pullen
as 23-251
Petitioner / Appellant: Charles Anthony Giovinco
Respondent / Appellee: Timethea Pullen, Warden
Morrow v. Capra
as 23-213
Petitioner / Appellant: Neb Morrow, III
Respondent / Appellee: Michael Capra
James v. Keyser
as 23-180
Petitioner / Appellant: Sharkey James
Respondent / Appellee: William F. Keyser
Hobbs v. McIntosh
as 23-142
Petitioner / Appellant: Martin Hobbs
Respondent / Appellee: Donita McIntosh, Superintendent, Clinton Correctional Facility
Walden v. Walcott
as 23-135
Petitioner / Appellant: John Walden
Respondent / Appellee: City of New York, Assistant District Attorney Shilpa Kalra, Detective James Meehan, Shield #6445 and others

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