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Rogers v. Long
as 22-2919
Plaintiff / Appellant: Wayne Rogers
Defendant / Appellee: Long, Deputy Warden, Individual and Official Capacities
Fredricks v. Doe
as 22-2870
Plaintiff / Appellant: Nigel Fredricks
Defendant / Appellee: Captain John Doe, Jane Doe, Correction Officer(s) and John Doe, Correction Officer(s)
Marhone v. Cassel
as 22-2912
Plaintiff / Appellant: Conrad Marhone
Defendant / Appellee: Correction Officer J. Cassel, Correction Officer of Sing Sing Correctional Facility, Correction Officer Wright, Correction Officer at Sing Sing Correctional Facility, DSS Keysor, Deputy Superintendent at Sing Sing Correctional Facility and others
Defendant: Captain Laporto, Captain at Sing Sing Correctional Facility
Baltas v. Chapdelaine
as 22-2813
Plaintiff: Derek Stockwell, Inmate No. 284559, Kenyon L. Joseph Pellot--Castellano, Inmate No. 207827, Richard Rice, Inmate No. 137358 and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Joe Baltas and Jason Goode
Defendant / Appellee: Warden Carol Chapdelaine, Individually and in her official capacity, Deputy Warden Giulianna Mudano, Individually and in her official capacity and District Administrator Angel Quiros, Individually and in his official capacity
Mustafa v. Stanley
as 22-2187
Plaintiff / Appellee: Justin C. Mustafa
Defendant: Captain Stanley, Walker C.I., Ebonie Suggs, CCS, Walker C.I., Correctional Officer Byars, Garner C.I. and others
Defendant / Appellant: Correctional Officer Pelitier, Garner C.I.
Kaminski v. Connecticut
as 22-2084
Plaintiff / Appellant: John S. Kaminski
Defendant / Appellee: Dr. Byron Kennedy, DOC - Director of Medical, Official Capacity, Dr. Johnny Wright, DOC - Regional Medical Director, Official Capacity, Dr. Cory Freston, DOC - Assistant Regional Director, Official Capacity and others
Defendant: State of Connecticut, C/O A/G William Tong, Angel Quiros, Commissioner, Dept of Corrections and Dr, Chief Exec. Officer Andrew Agwunobi, UConn Health Center/John Dempsey Hospital
Licari v. Doe
as 22-2024
Plaintiff / Appellant: Randal Licari
Defendant / Appellee: John Doe, (Captain), Ramos, (LT), Clemence, Doctor and others
Defendant: Doe
Hall v. Annucci
as 22-2031
Plaintiff / Appellant: Ralph Hall
Defendant / Appellee: Anthony Annucci, DOCCS Commissioner, in his official and personal capacity, Griffin, GHCF Superintendent, in his official and personal capacity, Dr. Bentivegna, GHCF Medical Supervisor, in his official and personal capacity and others
Defendant: GHCF Unknown Nursing Staff, in their official and personal capacities as Employees at Green Haven Correctional Facility between the September 26, 2017 date and October 30, 2017 and unnamed because of facility failure to disclose their identities
Jimmy FanFan v. M.C.C.
as 22-2046
Plaintiff / Appellant: Jimmy S. FanFan
Defendant / Appellee: M.C.C., F.B.O.P., MD. Robert Beaudouin and others
Fredericks v. Ho
as 22-2054
Plaintiff / Appellant: Nigel V. Fredericks and Nigel Fredericks
Defendant / Appellee: Doctor Phillip Whittingham
Defendant: Mrs. Ho, Doctor and Erica S., Therapist

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