U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Cases filed
Cases 61 - 70 of 6,188
Noel v. VanBrederode
as 23-404
Plaintiff / Appellant: Negrito Paul Noel, AKA Paul Noel Negrito, Paul A.E. Noel
Defendant / Appellee: Chief James VanBrederode, Gates Police Department, Gates Towing - 1210, Town Supervisor Cosmo Giunta, Town of Gates, Monroe County and others
Margolies v. United States of America
as 23-370
Petitioner / Appellant: Wolfe Margolies
Respondent / Appellee: United States of America
Walker v. Capra
as 23-351
Plaintiff / Appellant: Gerald Walker
Cross Defendant: Michael Capra, Superintendent Sing Sing C.F.
Defendant / Appellee: Superintendent Uhler, Upstate C.F., DSS Bishop, Upstate C.F., Deputy Supertinendent of Programs Demers, Upstate C.F. and others
Defendant: DSS Thorpe, Sing Sing C.F., SORC Manuel, Sing Sing C.F., Deputy Superintendent of Programs Velez, Sing Sing C.F. and others
Carey v. Superintendent Washington Correctional Facility
as 23-366
Petitioner / Appellant: David Carey
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Washington Correctional Facility
Whitty v. Suffolk County Corr. Facility
as 23-392
Plaintiff: Denard Elliot Whitty
Appellant: Margaret Torres
Defendant / Appellee: County of Suffolk
Defendant: Suffolk County Correctional Facility
Staton v. Gonzalez
as 23-378
Plaintiff: S.S.
Plaintiff / Appellant: Terrell Staton
Defendant / Appellee: William Gonzalez, 191111429 (Link 313048), Joan Shriver, Larissa Howard and others
Rech v. Siragusa
as 23-371
Plaintiff / Appellant: Michael Rech
Defendant / Appellee: Charles J. Siragusa, Marian W. Payson, United States of America and others
Stanbro v. Palou
as 23-347
Plaintiff / Appellee: Chad Stanbro
Defendant: Correction Officer John Doe #1, Correction Officer John Doe # 2, Correction Nurse John Doe and others
Defendant / Appellant: Correction Officer Nadya Palou and Correction Officer Raymond Deal
Rodriguez v. United States of America
as 23-349
Petitioner / Appellant: Josnel Rodriguez
Respondent / Appellee: United States of America
Williams v. The Hon. Warrant Issuing Judge
as 23-358
Plaintiff / Appellant: Chad S. Williams
Defendant: Gillespie Wadsworth, Counselor Mrs. Wiggins, Warden J. C. Holland, Individually and in their official capacity and others
Defendant / Appellee: Shellard, Deputy Hoyt, Deputy Bitterman and others

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