U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Cases filed
Cases 81 - 90 of 6,188
Poulos v. Annucci
as 23-324
Plaintiff / Appellant: Tyson Poulos
Defendant / Appellee: Steven Grimaldi, "John" Gordon, Mark Ross, Sr. and others
Defendant: Anthony J. Annucci, Christopher Miller, Jared Lachance and others
Morrison v. Wolcott
as 23-322
Petitioner / Appellant: Duone Morrison
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Julie Wolcott
Aguiar v. United States of America
as 23-342
Petitioner / Appellant: Stephen Aguiar
Respondent / Appellee: United States of America
Fluker v. Kelly
as 23-307
Plaintiff / Appellant: Lamar Fluker
Defendant / Appellee: Lt. Kelly, Officer Verdura, Officer Michaud and others
Defendant: Lt. Michand, Nameth, C/O, Lt. Tosses and others
Hubert v. Miller
as 23-312
Petitioner / Appellant: Delano Hubert
Respondent / Appellee: Superintendent Mark Miller
Cruz v. Coveny
as 23-284
Petitioner / Appellant: James Cruz
Respondent / Appellee: R. Coveny, Superintendent
Coley v. Garland
as 23-295
Plaintiff / Appellant: Khari Devon Coley
Defendant / Appellee: Correctional Officer W. Garland, Upstate Correctional Facility, Correctional Officer John Doe #1, Upstate Correctional Facility, Correctional Officer John Doe #2, Upstate Correctional Facility and others
Reeder v. Dennis
as 23-292
Plaintiff / Appellant: Ryan James Reeder
Defendant / Appellee: Detective Steven Vine and Investigator Michael Strohm
Defendant: Brian D. Dennis, A.D.A James B. Ritts and William J. Hart
Long v. Lain
as 23-267
Plaintiff / Appellant: Vincent S. Long
Defendant / Appellee: Major Matthew Whitmore, Captain Christopher Hand, Sheriff Joel Ordway, (reitred) and others
Fredricks v. Renze
as 23-277
Plaintiff / Appellant: Nigel Fredricks
Defendant / Appellee: Warden Renze, G.R.V.C.

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