U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Bankruptcy Cases

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In Re: Charmaine L. McBean
as 14-3893
Appellant: Everette Weaver
Debtor - Appellee: Charmaine L. McBean
In Re: Shao Ke
as 14-3824
Plaintiff - Appellee: Jianrong Wong
Defendant - Appellant: Shao Ke
In Re: Lehman Brothers Inc.
as 14-3686
Plaintiff: DNB Markets, Inc., FKA DnB Nor Markets, Inc.
Appellant: ANZ Securities, Inc., BMO Capital Markets Corp., FKA Harris Nesbitt Corp., BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC and others
Appellee: James W. Giddens, as Trustee for the SIPA Liquidation of Lehman Brothers Inc.
In Re: MF Global Holdings LTD.
as 14-3509
Plaintiff - Appellee: Todd Thielmann, Pierre-Yvan Desparois, Individually, and on behalf of all other similarly situated former employees, Sandy Glover-Bowlers and others
Defendant - Appellant: MF Global Holdings LTD., MF Global Holdings USA, Inc., MF Global Finance USA, Inc.
In Re Advaham Sofer, et al.
as 14-3464
Creditor - Appellant: Adar 980 Realty, LLC
Debtor - Appellee: 1040 Management, LLC, Avraham Sofer
In Re: Northern New England Te
as 14-3381
Appellant: City of Concord, NH
Debtor - Appellee: Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC
Livecchi v. Gordon
as 14-2968
Appellant: Charles R. Livecchi, Sr., dba Sole Officer and Shareholder of CRL Management, Inc.
Appellee: Kenneth W. Gordon, Trustee
Saint Vincents Catholic Medica
as 14-2969
Debtor: In the Matter of: Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of New York
Creditor - Appellant: Elaine Garvy
Appellee: Eugene I. Davis, Liquidating Trustee of the Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers of New York Liquidating Trust
In Re: James I. Wynn, Sr
as 14-3072
Plaintiff - Appellant: James I. Wynn, Sr.
Defendant - Appellee: George M. Reiber
In re: Residential Capital, LLC
as 14-2664
Debtor: In the Matter of: Residential Capital, LLC
Appellant: Francine Silver
Appellee: ResCap Borrower Claims Trust

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