U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Cases filed

Cases 1 - 10 of 9,692
Curtis Pendegraft v. Alberto Butalid
as 18-1872
Plaintiff - Appellant: CURTIS PENDEGRAFT
Defendant - Appellee: ALBERTO BUTALID
Robert Chencinski v. John Zaruba, et al
as 18-1855
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT CHENCINSKI
Defendant - Appellee: JOHN E. ZARUBA, Sheriff, LISA ZEGARD, DUPAGE COUNTY, ILLINOIS and others
Timothy Felton v. Steve Kallis
as 18-1856
Petitioner - Appellant: TIMOTHY M. FELTON
Respondent - Appellee: STEVE KALLIS, Warden
Edward Mitchell v. Jacqueline Lashbrook
as 18-1854
Petitioner - Appellant: EDWARD MITCHELL
Respondent - Appellee: JACQUELINE LASHBROOK
Brandon Mockbee v. William Hyatte
as 18-1857
Petitioner - Appellant: BRANDON MOCKBEE
Respondent - Appellee: WILLIAM HYATTE
Logan Mediate v. USA
as 18-1868
Petitioner - Appellant: LOGAN MEDIATE
Respondent - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Dennis Strong v. Wisconsin Department of Correc, et al
as 18-1860
Plaintiff - Appellant: DENNIS STRONG
Dewayne Dunn v. Ron Neal
as 18-1858
Petitioner - Appellant: DEWAYNE A. DUNN
Respondent - Appellee: RON NEAL
John Morrison v. USA
as 18-1842
Petitioner - Appellant: JOHN C. MORRISON
Respondent - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Nathan Hummel v. Mark Sevier
as 18-1841
Petitioner - Appellant: NATHAN HUMMEL
Respondent - Appellee: MARK R. SEVIER, Superintendent

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