U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Cases filed
Cases 1 - 10 of 11,599
Ryan Sheckles v. Brian English
as 23-3297
Petitioner / Appellant: RYAN M. SHECKLES
Respondent / Appellee: BRIAN ENGLISH
Jack Hamann v. Conrad Magno
as 23-3298
Plaintiff / Appellant: JACK J. HAMANN
Defendant / Appellee: CONRAD MAGNO, Doctor
James Haddox v. Jeffery Heffellfinger, et al
as 23-3277
Plaintiff / Appellant: JAMES P. HADDOX
Defendant / Appellee: JEFFERY HEFFELLFINGER, Circuit Court Magistrate Judge, sued individually and in his official capacity, DAVIN SMITH, Circuit Court Magistrate Judge, sued individually and in his official capacity and JEREMY NIX, Prosecuting Attorney of Huntington Court, sued individually and in his official capacity
Kevin Childs v. Cherryle Hinthorne
as 23-3281
Petitioner / Appellant: KEVIN CHILDS
Respondent / Appellee: CHERRYLE HINTHORNE, Warden
Michael Williams v. Dylon Radtke
as 23-3268
Petitioner / Appellant: MICHAEL WILLIAMS
Respondent / Appellee: DYLON RADTKE
Richard Gardipee v. Brown County Sheriff, et al
as 23-3273
Plaintiff / Appellant: RICHARD THOMAS GARDIPEE
Kou Thao v. Jason Benzel
as 23-3264
Petitioner / Appellant: KOU THAO
Respondent / Appellee: JASON BENZEL, Warden
Jesus Gonzalez v. Jason Benzel
as 23-3263
Petitioner / Appellant: JESUS C. GONZALEZ
Respondent / Appellee: JASON BENZEL, Warden
Jacob Washington v. Joseph Ortiz
as 23-3252
Plaintiff / Appellant: JACOB WASHINGTON
Defendant / Appellee: JOSEPH ORTIZ
Reco Wilson v. Tyrone Baker
as 23-3257
Petitioner / Appellant: RECO WILSON
Respondent / Appellee: TYRONE BAKER, Warden

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