U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Prisoner Petitions Cases

Cases filed

Cases 1 - 10 of 8,972
Sean Mcnutt v. William Savagain, et al
as 17-2102
Plaintiff - Appellant: SEAN A. MCNUTT
Defendant - Appellee: WILLIAM SAVAGAIN, RYAN DEWITT, Officer
Monare Moore v. USA
as 17-2105
Petitioner - Appellant: MONARE MOORE
Respondent - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Steve Jones v. USA
as 17-2095
Petitioner - Appellant: STEVE JONES
Respondent - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Everett Sennholz v. Don Strahota
as 17-2091
Petitioner - Appellant: EVERETT M. SENNHOLZ
Respondent - Appellee: DON STRAHOTA, Warden
James Jones v. USA
as 17-2088
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAMES JONES
Defendant - Appellee: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Bennie Ellison v. Thomas Baker, et al
as 17-2081
Plaintiff - Appellant: BENNIE K. ELLISON
Defendant - Appellee: THOMAS BAKER, BRITTANY BEARD, TARA GOINS and others
Oscar Garner v. Matthew Kirby
as 17-2070
Plaintiff - Appellant: OSCAR GARNER
Defendant - Appellee: MATTHEW KIRBY, Officer
Theodore Luczak v. Randy Pfister, et al
as 17-2075
Plaintiff - Appellant: THEODORE LUCZAK
Defendant - Appellee: RANDY PFISTER, LESLIE MCCARTHY, RICHARD A. GRAVES, Correctional Officer and others
John Bochner v. Keith Butts
as 17-2076
Petitioner - Appellant: JOHN A. BOCHNER
Respondent - Appellee: KEITH BUTTS
Michael Berry v. Randy Pfister
as 17-2079
Petitioner - Appellant: MICHAEL L. BERRY
Respondent - Appellee: RANDY PFISTER

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