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Edward Jones, Jr. v. N. Wood, et al
as 22-15539
Plaintiff / Appellant: EDWARD LEE JONES, Jr.
Defendant / Appellee: N. WOOD, #2171, D. LORETO, Correction Officer (CO II), GARCIA, Case Manager and others
Michael Denton v. Tim Thrasher, et al
as 22-35290
Plaintiff / Appellant: MICHAEL DENTON
Defendant / Appellee: TIM THRASHER, KARIE RAINER, Dr, LINDSEY MCINTYIRE and others
DaJuan Williams v. David Shinn, et al
as 22-15512
Plaintiff / Appellant: DAJUAN TORRELL WILLIAMS
Defendant / Appellee: DAVID SHINN, Director, Director of Arizona Department of Corrections, C. AMOS, Eyman Complex Inmate Trust Account Business Manager, JOHN DOE, named as Doe #1, ADC Central Office ITA Business Manager and others
Victor Flores v. Farhan Taghizadeh, et al
as 22-15510
Plaintiff / Appellant: VICTOR FLORES
Defendant / Appellee: FARHAN TAGHIZADEH, Doctor, CORRECTIONAL HEALTH SERVICES, named in caption of Amended Complaint as: Correctional Health Services Corp. - Contracted Health Care Provider at Maricopa County 4th Ave. Jail, PAUL PENZONE, Maricopa County Sheriff and others
Shawn Goff v. David Shinn, et al
as 22-15511
Plaintiff / Appellant: SHAWN CHARLES GOFF
Defendant / Appellee: DAVID SHINN, Director, Director, CHARLES L. RYAN, DONA SCHIRO and others
Andrew Fields, III v. BOP, et al
as 22-15497
Plaintiff / Appellant: ANDREW FIELDS III
Defendant / Appellee: FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS, VON B. BLANCKENSEE, Warden, SEGAL, Warden and others
Raymond Bermudez v. J. Allison, et al
as 22-15483
Plaintiff / Appellant: RAYMOND D. BERMUDEZ
Defendant / Appellee: J. ALLISON, G. PONDER, R. BURGH and others
Ervin Valandingham v. Daisy Akinwale, et al
as 22-15472
Plaintiff / Appellant: ERVIN TED VALANDINGHAM
Defendant / Appellee: DAISY AKINWALE, Medication Nurse, SERVIOUS, First name unknown, Medical Officer Security, DAVID A. ANTONIO, Captain and others
Adam Blomdahl v. David Shinn, et al
as 22-15463
Plaintiff / Appellant: ADAM PAUL BLOMDAHL
Defendant / Appellee: DAVID SHINN, Director, Director of Arizona Department of Corrections, SCOTT, Deputy Warden, BRENNEN, Disciplinary Captain of (ADC) and others
Scott Humphreys v. E Lystad, et al
as 22-35254
Plaintiff / Appellant: SCOTT WESLEY HUMPHREYS
Defendant / Appellee: E LYSTAD, RSD, Stafford Creek Corrections Center, DENECE BREWER, RN, Building Resolution Coordinator, Stafford Creek Corrections Center, HEATHER WILLSON, RN, Stafford Creek Corrections Center and others

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