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Manetirony Clervrain v. J.A. Keller, et al
as 18-12531
Plaintiff - Appellant: MANETIRONY CLERVRAIN
Defendant - Appellee: J.A. KELLER, MITCHELL, Director, Southeast Regional Office, (SRO); or The Southeast Apartness Negligence (SAN), THE SECRECY OPERATION MANAGEMENT, (SOM)
Edward Barber v. Deputy Warden, et al
as 18-12491
Plaintiff - Appellant: EDWARD EUGENE BARBER
Defendant - Appellee: DEPUTY WARDEN, Dooly State Prison, DEPUTY WARDEN, Wheeler State Prison, WARDEN, Autry Statte Prison
Maestro Matthew Faison, Jr. v. Alfonso Sepei, et al
as 18-12467
Plaintiff - Appellant: MATTHEW L. FAISON, JR., a.k.a. Matthew Famison,, MAESTRO MATTHEW FAISON, a.k.a. Matthew Famison,, a.k.a. Leo Jackson
Defendant - Appellee: ALFONSO SEPEI, Former Judicial Circuit Judge, PAUL BAKER, Federal U.S. District Judge, SIX UNKNOWN U.S. FEDERAL JUDGES
Foncuyon Finley v. Unknown, et al
as 18-12481
Plaintiff - Appellant: FONCUYON FINLEY
Defendant - Appellee: UNKNOWN, DOUGLAS D. SLADE
John Morris v. Judicial Circuit of Muscogee
as 18-12437
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN A. MORRIS
Travis Swanson v. D. Blankinchip, et al
as 18-12357
Plaintiff - Appellant: TRAVIS DEVON SWANSON
Defendant - Appellee: D. W. BLANKINCHIP, individually, M. G. SANDERS, individually, GRAHAM, #7846, individually
Nicholas Wade v. Solomon Daniels, et al
as 18-12371
Plaintiff - Appellant: NICHOLAS C. WADE
Defendant - Appellee: SOLOMON DANIELS, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, VICTOR JONES, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department, KERRY WILSON, DeKalb County Sheriff's Department and others
Anthony Smith v. Corizon Medical Provider, et al
as 18-12314
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTHONY EARL SMITH
Terrance Seay v. Lauoiefiso Jones
as 18-12278
Plaintiff - Appellant: TERRANCE MARQUAZ SEAY
Defendant - Appellee: LAUOIEFISO P. JONES
Allen Penoyer v. James Russell, et al
as 18-12184
Plaintiff - Appellant: ALLEN L. PENOYER
Defendant - Appellee: JAMES T. RUSSELL, Prosecuter, B. J. DRIVER, Circuit Judge, JOSEPH DONAHEY, Attorney and others

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