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Jerome Simpson v. Peterson, et al
as 18-13325
Plaintiff - Appellant: JEROME RAHEEM SIMPSON
Defendant - Appellee: PETERSON, Pinellas County Jail Deputy (payroll #3949), BAKER, (payroll #7428), PINELLAS COUNTY JAIL'S PROPERTY CONTROL OPERATIVE(S) OF INMATE'S PERSONAL PROPERTY SECTION and others
Stephen Leonard v. K. Sanders, et al
as 18-13351
Plaintiff - Appellant: STEPHEN DANIEL LEONARD
Defendant - Appellee: K. SANDERS, OCI Officer, J. ESPODA, ZACHARY, OFC.
Gaynett Powell v. Warden, et al
as 18-13307
Plaintiff - Appellant: GAYNETT POWELL
Defendant - Appellee: WARDEN, SECRETARY, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, NEEL, Office of the Secretary Department of Corrections and others
Samuel Maldonado v. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, et al
as 18-13322
Plaintiff - Appellant: SAMUEL MALDONADO
Defendant - Appellee: JACKSONVILLE SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Department of Corrections, MIKE WILLIAMS, Sheriff
Waseem Daker v. Macon SP Warden, et al
as 18-13323
Movant - Appellant: WASEEM DAKER
Defendant - Appellee: MACON SP WARDEN, RICKY MYRICK, Director of Investigation and Compliance Inmate Affairs, Macon State Prison, LISA FOUNTAIN, Interim Manager of Inmate Affairs Unit, Macon State Prison and others
Lester Smith v. Greg Dozier, et al
as 18-13318
Plaintiff - Appellant: LESTER J. SMITH
Robert Wright v. Georgia Department of Corr., et al
as 18-13248
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT WRIGHT
Defendant - Appellee: GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, CYNTHIA NELSON, Regional Director, Georgia Department of Corrections, SACHDIVA, Dooly State Prison and others
James Slayton v. A. Cash, et al
as 18-13234
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAMES DARRYL SLAYTON
Defendant - Appellee: A. CASH, Dept of Corr OFC of Florida, SKELTON, Health care nurse at Taylor Corr Inst Florida Dept of Corr
Anthony Fails v. Attorney General, State of Fl., et al
as 18-13202
Plaintiff - Appellant: ANTHONY J. FAILS
Defendant - Appellee: ATTORNEY GENERAL, STATE OF FLORIDA, STEPHEN PETRI, State Attorney First Judicial Circuit, JOHN SIMON, State Attorney First Judicial Circuit and others
Reginald White v. Secretary, Florida Department, et al
as 18-13191
Plaintiff - Appellant: REGINALD S. WHITE
Defendant - Appellee: SECRETARY, FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, MICHAEL CREWS, former Secretary Florida Department of Corrections, JEFFERSON CI WARDEN and others

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