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Eddie Floyd, III v. Kimberla Berry, et al
as 17-11073
Plaintiff - Appellant: EDDIE FRANK FLOYD, III
Defendant - Appellee: KIMBERLA BERRY, Counselor, WARDEN, CUCUMBER, Kitchen Director and others
Conraad Hoever v. R. Marks, et al
as 17-10792
Plaintiff - Appellee-Cross Appellant: CONRAAD L HOEVER
Defendant - Appellant-Cross Appellee: R. MARKS, Correctional Officer, J. NUNEZ, Sergeant, C. PAUL, Correctional Officer Sergeant
Demetruis Carter v. Warden Marty Allen, et al
as 17-10797
Plaintiff - Appellant: DEMETRUIS DELFON CARTER
Defendant - Appellee: MARTY ALLEN, Warden, Individually and in his official capacity, ANDERSON, OFFICER, Individually and in his official capacity, WESTLAKE, OFFICER, Individually and in his official capacity and others
Jimmy Wheeler v. Julie Jones, et al
as 17-10712
Plaintiff - Appellant: JIMMY LEE WHEELER
Defendant - Appellee: JULIE JONES, Secretary, WARDEN, C. BRANNON, Acting Warden and others
Kevin West v. Copeland, et al
as 17-10720
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEVIN WEST
Defendant - Appellee: COPELAND, Valdosta State Prison, SIRMANS, Valdosta State Prison, TEMPLE, Dooly State Prison and others
Willie Williams v. Alabama Department of Correcti, et al
as 17-10677
Plaintiff - Appellant: WILLIE KEVIN WILLIAMS
Defendant - Appellee: ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, CAROLYN GOLSON, Director, Classificatoin, MARK BRUTON, Classification and others
Lin Davis, Sr. v. Carlton Powers, et al
as 17-10704
Plaintiff - Appellant: LIN EDWARD DAVIS, SR.
Willie Jones v. Hillsborough Co. Sheriff
as 17-10675
Plaintiff - Appellant: WILLIE A. JONES
Defendant - Appellee: HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE, c/o Deputy Tocarski
James Logan v. Andrew Smith, et al
as 17-10670
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAMES ALEXANDER LOGAN
Defendant - Appellee: ANDREW P. SMITH, Captain, sued in his/her individual capacity, MICHAEL RILEY, Sergeant, sued in his/her individual capacity, J. L. SILCOX, Sergeant, sued in his/her individual capacity and others
Lance Sheffield v. Kenneth Tucker
as 17-10663
Plaintiff - Appellant: LANCE JAVON SHEFFIELD
Defendant - Appellee: KENNETH TUCKER

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