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Komlossy v. Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP
as 17-834
Plaintiff - Appellant: Emily Komlossy
Defendant - Appellee: Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP, Nadeem Faruqi, Lubna Faruqi
Cohen Lans LLP v. Naseman
as 17-690
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: Cohen Lans LLP
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: David M. Naseman
Weston Capital Advisors, Inc. v. PT Bank Mutiara, Tbk
as 17-668
Petitioner - Appellant: Weston Capital Advisors, Inc.
Appellant: John Liegey, Weston International Capital Management (Luxembourg) S.A., Weston International Capital (Mauritius) Ltd. and others
Respondent - Appellee: PT Bank Mutiara, Tbk
Molina v. Faust Goetz Schenker & Blee, L
as 17-596
Plaintiff - Appellant: Benny Molina
Defendant - Appellee: Faust Goetz Schenker & Blee, LLP, Kirl C. Francis
U.S. Bank National Association v. Sun Life Assurance Company of
as 17-547
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellee: U.S. Bank National Association
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellant: Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
Truenorth Capital Partners LLC v. Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.
as 17-523
Plaintiff - Appellant: Truenorth Capital Partners LLC, TNCP, LLC
Defendant - Appellee: Hitachi Metals, Ltd., Hitachi Metals America, LLC, Hitachi Metals Automotive Components USA, LLC. and others
Paskowitz v. Prospect Capital Management L.
as 17-510
Plaintiff - Appellant: Susan Paskowitz
Defendant - Appellee: Prospect Capital Management L.P., Prospect Administration LLC
Sberbank of Russia v. Traisman
as 17-488
Plaintiff - Appellee: Sberbank of Russia
Defendant - Appellant: Yuri Traisman
New England Reinsurance Corpor v. Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
as 17-457
Plaintiff: New England Reinsurance Corporation
Defendant - Appellee: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Successor P.E. O'Hair & Company, Inc.
Defendant: American Insurance Company, Aviva Canada Inc, Commercial Union Assurance of Canada, Employers Insurance Company of Wausau and others
Defendant - Appellant: National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA.
Coney Island Land Co., LLC v. Domino's Pizza LLC
as 17-433
Plaintiff - Appellant: Coney Island Land Co., LLC
Defendant - Appellee: Domino's Pizza LLC

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