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Pudlin v. United States Department of He
as 18-1813
Plaintiff - Appellant: Roger Pudlin
Defendant - Appellee: Secretary United States Department of Health & Human Services
Anghel v. Sebeliu
as 13-302
Plaintiff - Appellant: Maria-Lucia Anghel, M.D.
Defendant - Appellee: Kathleen Sebelius, in her capacity as Secretary of Health and Human Services
Adams v. Commissioner of Social Securit
as 12-4825
Plaintiff - Appellant: Bonnie Adams
Defendant - Appellee: Commissioner of Social Security
Layzer v. Leavitt
as 11-1922
Plaintiff: Judith M. Layzer
Plaintiff - Appellee: Ray J. Fischer, Kathryn C. Schneider, as Executor of the Estate of Judith M. Layzer
Defendant - Appellant: Michael O. Leavitt, Secretary in his official capacity, of the United States Department of Health and Human Services
Murray v. Secretary of Health & Human Se
as 10-3300
Plaintiff - Appellant: Charlyn D. Murray
Defendant - Appellee: Secretary of Health & Human Services, Michael Leavitt
Salvatore Tantillo v. Jo Anne Barnhart
as 10-71
Plaintiff - Appellant: Salvatore Tantillo
Defendant - Appellee: Jo Anne Barnhart, Commissioner of Social Security

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