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Wright v. Belafonte
as 14-3139
Plaintiff - Appellant: Raymond Wright
Defendant - Appellee: Harold Belafonte, in his having authorized a libelous "Biography", Michael Shnayerson, Defendant Belafonte's Coauthor, Bertelsmann Ag, owner of the following named defendants: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (Book Publishers), Random House, Inc. a/k/a Random House/Bertelsmann and others
Grundstein v. Eide
as 14-2122
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert Grundstein
Defendant - Appellee: Linda Eide, in her individual-personal and professional capacity, Douglas Ende, in his individual-personal and professional capacity, Lisa Hammel, in her individual and professional capacity and others
Long v. Quorum Health Resources, L.L.C
as 14-1998
Plaintiff - Appellant: Raymond A. Long, M.D.
Defendant - Appellee: Quorum Health Resources, L.L.C., Northwestern Medical Center, Inc.
Baiul v. Disson
as 14-1741
Plaintiff - Appellant: Oksana S. Baiul, Oksana, Ltd.
Defendant - Appellee: Stephen Disson, Disson Skating, LLC
Hines v. Parker
as 14-1387
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dashon Martel Hines
Defendant - Appellee: Scott Parker
Hines v. Parker
as 14-1180
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dashon Martel Hines
Defendant - Appellee: Scott Parker
Peterson v. Syracuse Police Department
as 14-884
Plaintiff - Appellant: Carlos Peterson
Defendant: Syracuse Police Department
Defendant - Appellee: Charles Lester, Officer, David Glisson, Officer, David Demand, Officer and others
Kavanagh v. Zwilling
as 14-740
Plaintiff - Appellant: Charles M. Kavanagh
Defendant - Appellee: Joseph Zwilling, John Woods, Archdiocese of New York and others
Haywood v. St. Michael's College
as 14-249
Plaintiff - Appellee: John D. Haywood
Defendant: Logan R. Spillane, Christopher Hardy
Defendant - Appellant: St. Michael's College
Wilson v. Tarricone
as 13-4321
Plaintiff - Appellant: Rhonda Hill Wilson
Defendant - Appellee: Anthony Tarricone, Kriendler and Kreindler Law Firm, 710 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10007, American Association for Justice, 777 North 6th Street, Northwest, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20001, FKA Association of Trial Lawyers of America

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