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Lassig v. Woodward
as 17-3418
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael G. Lassig
Defendant - Appellee: William Woodward
Puppolo v. Welch
as 17-3294
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellant: Celeste Puppolo, as Executor of the Estate of Eva C. Puppolo
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellee: John J. Welch, Jr., Jr., John J. Welch, Jr., Jr., LTD
Acosta v. ASSA Corp.
as 17-3268
Plaintiff - Appellee: Carlos Acosta, Maria Acosta, Tova Ettinger and others
Defendant: ASSA Corporation, ASSA Co., Ltd.
Intervenor: John Relvas, John Keys, Mark Boyd and others
Defendant - Appellant: Alavi Foundation, 650 Fifth Avenue Company
Murphy v. Morlitz
as 17-3236
Plaintiff - Appellant: Timothy David Murphy
Defendant - Appellee: Gerald Morlitz, CNF II, LLC, Rai Premium Finance, LLC and others
Defendant: The Robert & Shirley Murphy Survivorship Trust, dtd 11/1/05
Ferreira v. City of Binghamton
as 17-3234
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jesus Ferreira
Defendant - Appellee: City of Binghamton, Kevin Miller, Police Officer
Defendant: City of Binghamton Police Department, Joseph Zikuski, as Police Chief of the Binghamton Police Department, John Does 1 Through 10, whose names are fictitious and identities are not currently known and others
O'Connell v. United States of America
as 17-2987
Plaintiff - Appellant: Timothy O'Connell
Defendant - Appellee: United States of America, Michael Asaro, Sean Casey and others
M.E.S., Inc. v. Liberty Mutual Surety Group
as 17-2997
Plaintiff: Mark T. Zawisny
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellant: M.E.S., Inc., The United States of America, for the use and benefit of, M.C.E.S., Inc., The United States of America, for the use and benefit of, George Makhoul, The United States of America, for the use and benefit of
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellee: Safeco Insurance Company of America, Hirani/Mes, JV, Ronald Goetsch and others
Defendant: Liberty Mutual Surety
Rosa v. Genovese Drug Stores, Inc.
as 17-2457
Plaintiff - Appellee: Evelyn Rosa
Defendant - Appellant: Genovese Drug Stores, Inc., DBA Rite Aid Pharmacy
Kramer v. Shulkin
as 17-2199
Plaintiff - Appellant: Hyman Kramer
Defendant - Appellee: Officer Steven Figueroa, Law Enforcement Officer of The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, John Moreno, Law Enforcement officer of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Lulla and others
Defendant: Secretary Robert A. McDonald, Of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, John Doe
Lebron v. Encarnacion
as 17-2049
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ashley Lebron
Defendant - Appellee: Edwin Elpidio Encarnacion

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