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Al-Bukhari v. Corrections
as 17-2292
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ja Qure Al-Bukhari, FKA Jerome Riddick
Defendant - Appellee: Scott Semple, Commissioner, all sued in their individual and official capacities, Anne Cournoyer, Individual and Official Capacities, William Mulligan, Warden, Individual and Official Capacities and others
Defendant: Department of Corrections, All sued in their individual and official capacities, John Doe, 1, 2, and 3, all sued in their individual and official capacities, Scott Erfe and others
Hughes v. Nemier
as 17-2280
Plaintiff - Appellant: James D. Hughes
Defendant - Appellee: Matthew D. Nemier
Defendant: Joseph A. Blide, Joseph H. Comfort, Jeffrey A. Powers and others
Gauze v. Bradt
as 17-2269
Plaintiff: Louis Sanchez
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dwayne Gauze
Defendant - Appellee: Officer M Bozar, Acting Commissioner of NYS DOCCS in his Individual and Official Capacity, Officer C. Wegner, Official and Individual Capacity, Sgt. Rozanski, Official and Individual Capacity and others
Defendant: Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci, Individual and Official Capacity, Medical Nurse Nicole Rasnor, Official and Individual Capacity, NYS DOCCS Employees and others
Dolberry v. Jakob,
as 17-2102
Plaintiff - Appellant: Andre Dolberry
Defendant - Appellee: Correction Officer Silvernail, John Doe, Captain / Watch Commander, Lieutenant McDermont and others
Morales v. United States of America
as 17-2042
Plaintiff - Appellant: Demetrius Ryan Morales
Defendant - Appellee: United States of America, State of New York
Dash v. Conner
as 17-1986
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ramon A. Dash
Defendant - Appellee: L. Conners, Hearing Officer, M. Rusinek, Correctional Officer
Thomas v. Federal Government
as 17-1988
Plaintiff - Appellant: Glenn MacPherson Thomas
Defendant - Appellee: Federal Government, Federal Courts, Judge Edgardo Ramos and others
Kearney v. Department of Correctional Ser
as 17-1960
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard Kearney
Defendant - Appellee: Department of Correctional Services, T. McDonnell, R. Letina and others
Davis v. Annucci
as 17-1955
Plaintiff - Appellant: Falon B. Davis
Defendant - Appellee: Mr. Anthony J. Annucci, Acting Commissioner, Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Paul Gonyea, Superintendent, Mohawk Correctional Facility, L. Burns, ORC, Mohawk Correctional Facility
Defendant: Letricia McCleary, Parole Area Supervisor, John Williams, Parole Officer, James Ogle, Senior Parole Officer
Cary v. DSW Inc.
as 17-1933
Plaintiff - Appellant: Hubert Cary
Defendant - Appellee: DSW Inc., Xazier Ramirez, Security Guard at DSW, Sherise Philbert and others

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