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Walters v. City of New York
as 14-3472
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tesfa Yohance Walters
Defendant - Appellee: City of New York, Detective Steven Gordon, Victor Bruno and others
Bottom v. Pataki
as 14-3442
Plaintiff - Appellant: Anthony Bottom
Defendant - Appellee: George E. Pataki, Individually and in his official capacity as Governor of New York State, Brion D. Travis, Individually and in his official capacity as the Chairman of New York State Division of Parole, Glenn S. Goord, Individually and in his official capacity as the Commissioner of New York State Department of Correctional Services
Duong v. Six Unknown Names Agents
as 14-3471
Plaintiff - Appellant: Phoung Duong
Defendant - Appellee: Six Unknown Names Agents Or Mr President of the United States Barack Obama
Robinson v. United States Probation Office
as 14-3387
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tiffany M. Robinson
Defendant - Appellee: United States Probation Office, Southern District of New York, Federal Halfway House, Crescent Avenue, Bronx, Robert Walsh, Probation Officer and others
Flynn v. Montefiore Medical Center & Ch
as 14-3384
Plaintiff - Appellant: James Patrick Flynn, III
Defendant - Appellee: Montefiore Medical Center, Children's Hospital, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, (Yeshiva University), United States Department of Energy and others
Abreu v. Nowicki
as 14-3352
Plaintiff - Appellant: Carlos Abreu
Defendant - Appellee: Jeff Nowicki, Director/Unit Chief; CNYPC SOTP Program, Maureen Bosco, Executive Director; CNYPC SOTP, Mr. Cerbula, Treatment Team Leaser; CNYPC- SOTP and others
Taylor v. Swift
as 14-3382
Plaintiff - Appellant: Roy Taylor
Defendant - Appellee: New York City Marshall Linda Swift, M.D.C. Co. B. Young, #11986, S. Lewis, Deputy Warden #97 and others
Jumpp v. Gina
as 14-3319
Plaintiff - Appellant: Junior Jumpp
Defendant - Appellee: Gina, Nurse, RN, Stephanie Green, RN, Jon Brighthaupt and others
Jumpp v. Rovella
as 14-3317
Plaintiff - Appellant: Junior Jumpp
Defendant - Appellee: James C. Rovella, Anthony Pia, Edwin Rodrigues and others
Ross v. Police Department, City of New
as 14-3476
Plaintiff - Appellant: Von I. Ross
Defendant: Police Department, City of Newburgh, New York, John Doe, John Doe, 11pm-7am shift on Jan. 17th, 2011 at 6:30am
Defendant - Appellee: Christopher Tabachnick, Town of New Windsor, Jason Ross and others

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