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Coleman v. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank
as 16-3516
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dawson Huber Coleman, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, All State Insurance Company, Re-Con Trust, N.A.
White v. Clark
as 16-3398
Plaintiff - Appellant: John White
Defendant - Appellee: Jeffrey Clark, Correctional Officer, Shawn C. Conto, Correctional Officer, Michael Sisto, Correctional Officer and others
Defendant: R. Clintsman, Correctional Officer, Richard Rakoce, Sergeant, Richard Roy, Chief Inspector of I.G. Offices and others
Jones v. Tompkins
as 16-3368
Plaintiff - Appellant: William Edward Jones
Defendant - Appellee: Tompkins, C.O.M., D. Uhler, Deputy Supt. for Security, Angela Gorg and others
Defendant: Albert Prack, William J. Hopkins, Deputy Superintendent, Patrick Griffin, Superintendent and others
Quick v. Graham
as 16-3353
Plaintiff - Appellant: Desmond Quick
Defendant - Appellee: Harold Graham, Superintendent, Auburn Correctional Facility
Defendant: John Robinson, Deputy Superintendent Security, Auburn Correctional Facility, John Pelc, Correctional Officer, Auburn Correctional Facility, John Putnam, Correctional Officer, Auburn Correctional Facility and others
Jabot v. Minor
as 16-3321
Plaintiff - Appellant: Aaron Jabot
Defendant - Appellee: Correction Officer Minor, Washington County Jail
Kane v. Marthage
as 16-3276
Plaintiff - Appellant: Patricia Kane
Defendant - Appellee: Erica Marthage, Prosecutor of Bennington, Christina Rainville, Former Prosecutor of Bennington
Defendant: David Howard
Smith v. Orongoes
as 16-3252
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kevin Patrick Smith
Defendant - Appellee: Detective Orongoes, Badge # 4078, of and for 73rd Precient, Detective Michael Scoloveno, Badge #5901, Lieutenant Joseph Barone and others
Defendant: Edwin Diaz, employed at: Copperwood Realestate, Laura Lemle, Eric McPhee, Orsid Realty Corporation and others
Jones v. Sedita
as 16-3210
Plaintiff - Appellant: Daniel Jones
Defendant - Appellee: Frank A. Sedita, III, Erie County District Attorney, John Simich, Director of the Erie County Central Police Services Laboratory, Daniel Derenda, Commissioner of the Buffalo Police Department and others
LionKingzulu v. Jayne
as 16-3170
Plaintiff - Appellant: Arkil LionKingzulu, AKA Arkil Johnson
Defendant - Appellee: Paul Jayne, Corrections Officer, Jacob V. Miller, Jr., Corrections Officer, Bruce L. Herrick, Corrections Officer and others
Hurdle v. Pagnotta
as 16-3164
Plaintiff - Appellant: Walter K. Hurdle
Defendant - Appellee: John Pagnotta, Police Officer Brian Heerey, Police Officer Christopher Mullane and others

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