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Starmel v. State of New York
as 18-1938
Plaintiff - Appellant: Kendu P. Starmel
Defendant - Appellee: State of New York
McFadden v. Annucci
as 18-1807
Plaintiff - Appellant: Reginald McFadden, AKA Reginald Ghaffar McFadden
Defendant - Appellee: Anthony J. Annucci, Jr. Acting Commissioner; DOCCS, Maureen Boll, Deputy Commissioner and Counsel; DOCCS, Jeff McKoy, Deputy Commissioner of Programs; DOCCS and others
Hango v. Atkinson
as 18-1795
Plaintiff - Appellant: Andrew Hango
Defendant - Appellee: George Atkinson, Immigration Enforcement Agent, Lawerence Marcus, Immigration Enforcement Agent
Defendant: Wanda Royall, Supervisory Immigration Enforcement Agent, Ephraim Moore, Supervisory Immigration Enforcement Agent, Paul Picone, Supervisory Immigration Enforcement Officer and others
Massey-Smith v. Abassey
as 18-1804
Plaintiff: Marion Eydith Glass, Ariel Whitney Hackett
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gabriel Antonio Massey-Smith
Defendant - Appellee: Dr. Abassey, Ms. Bataglia, Lieutenant Winchell and others
Wagoner v. Ciocca
as 18-1766
Plaintiff - Appellant: Tina Lynne Wagoner
Defendant - Appellee: Stephen Ciocca, Cellino and Barnes, Troy Westfall, Salamanca Police Officer, Tina Owens, Salamanca Police Officer and others
Defendant: Daniel Piccioli, Catt. Co.Deputy Comm. DSS, Adam S. Kemp, Officer Salamanca P.D., John Doe, Editor Director NDYFS and others
Parker v. New York State Division of Par
as 18-1769
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gilbert Parker
Defendant - Appellee: New York State Division of Parole, Eliot Spitzer, R. Friedman, Senior Parole Officer and others
Defendant: New York City Department of Correction, City of New York, Captain Simon and others
Nowlin v. Connolly
as 18-1780
Plaintiff - Appellant: Quintin A. Nowlin
Defendant - Appellee: Patrick Connolly, Benjamin Wilson, Karen Crowley and others
Defendant: M. Stanton
Ettienne-Modeste v. Port Authority Police
as 18-1762
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dexter Ettienne-Modeste, Jr.
Defendant - Appellee: Port Authority Police Department, Joseph Romano, Shield #2437, Police Officer, Police Officer Drew Preston, Shield #3356 and others
Defendant: Officer John Dough, Police Officer John Doe #1, Police Officer John Doe #2 and others
Young v. Duncan
as 18-1775
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael A. Young
Defendant - Appellee: Thomas Duncan, William Utermarck, Timothy Begley and others
Rodriguez v. Fischer
as 18-1758
Plaintiff - Appellant: Carlos Rodriguez
Defendant - Appellee: S. Patchen, Sergeant, J. Morales, Corrections Officer, Michael B. Rasmus, Hearing Officer and others
Defendant: Brian Fischer, Commissioner, Keith Zobel, Correctional Facility Speacialist II, Vernon Fonda, Chief of Investigation and others

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