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James v. Quay
as 17-3252
Plaintiff - Appellant: Raymond James
Defendant - Appellee: Bruce Bialor, Maria DiLone
Defendant: Warden H. Quay
Henry v. County of Nassau
as 17-3149
Plaintiff - Appellant: Bryan Henry
Defendant - Appellee: County of Nassau, Individually, and as a Municipal Agency for the State of New York, Michael J. Sposato, Individually and as Sheriff for the Nassau County Jail, Corporal Gulliksen, Corporal for the Satellite Building Dorm of the Nassau County Jail on 10/2/11 and others
Akassy v. Office of the Appellate Defend
as 17-2994
Plaintiff - Appellant: Hughes-Denver Akassy
Defendant - Appellee: Office of the Appellate Defender, Richard M. Greenberg, Risa Gerson and others
Abreu v. Travers
as 17-2981
Plaintiff - Appellant: Carlos Abreu
Defendant - Appellee: Travers, Nurse, Lashway, Nurse Practitioner, Kornigsmann, Chief Medical Officer and others
Defendant: Bellamy, Director Inmate Grievance, White, Inmate Grievance Supervisor, Woodward, Assistant Inmate Grievance Supervisor and others
Award v. Troop F Westbrook Police Dep.
as 17-2967
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sebastian Award
Defendant - Appellee: Keith Graham, Sergeant of Troop F, Scott Wisner, Detective of Troop F
Defendant: Troop F Westbrook Police Dep.
Perez v. New York City Police Departmen
as 17-2935
Plaintiff - Appellant: Manuel Perez
Defendant - Appellee: Police Officer Christopher Camacho, from 115th Precinct, New York City Police Department, Police Officer Kerri Hoovert, from 115th Precinct and others
Baines v. The City of New York
as 17-2940
Plaintiff - Appellant: Donnell Baines
Defendant - Appellee: The City of New York, New York City Police Department, Brian White, Tax #927773, Individually and as a Police Officer for the City of New York and others
Defendant: Officer John Doe, #1, Officer John Doe, #2, Officer John Doe, #3 and others
Carpenter v. Apple
as 17-2904
Plaintiff - Appellee: Gina Carpenter
Defendant: Albany County Sheriff's Office, Albany County, Albany County Correctional Facility and others
Defendant - Appellant: Craig Apple
Parker v. New York State Division of Par
as 17-2910
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gilbert Parker
Defendant - Appellee: New York State Division of Parole, New York City Department of Corrections G.R.V.C. Officers, City of New York and others
Defendant: Jane Doe, Eliot Spitzer
Neary v. Naqvi
as 17-2876
Plaintiff - Appellee: Christopher R. Neary
Defendant: Erinn Dolan, M.D., in his individual and official capacities, Lavern A. Wright, M.D., in his individual and official capacities, Peter Murphy, in his individual and official capacities and others
Defendant - Appellant: Monica Farinella, in her individual capacity, Cary Freston, in his individual capacity, Ricardo Ruiz, in his individual capacity and others

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