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Ocampo v. Fischer
as 18-1111
Plaintiff - Appellant: Mario Ocampo, AKA Mario Campo
Defendant - Appellee: Brian Fischer, Andrea Evans, Carl J. Koeniggman and others
Wright v. Rensselaer County Jail
as 18-1058
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jerrell Wright
Defendant - Appellee: Rensselaer County Jail, Rensselaer County, Correctional Medical Care, Inc.
Defendant: Jane Doe 2, Medical Provider, Jane Doe 3, Medical Provider, Jane Doe 4, Medical Provider and others
McIver v. New York City Police Departmen
as 18-1053
Plaintiff - Appellant: Altariq G. McIver
Defendant - Appellee: New York City Police Department, Thomas Redmond
Reyes v. Wenderlich
as 18-919
Plaintiff - Appellant: Earl Reyes
Defendant - Appellee: John Wenderlich, Superintendent, Amy Farmham, D.S.A., David Morgan, Craftsman and others
Defendant: Prison Medical Provider
Harriott v. Annucci
as 18-879
Plaintiff - Appellant: Albert Harriott
Defendant - Appellee: Anthony J. Annucci, Acting Commissioner of the New York Department of Corrections, M. Sheahan, Superintendent with NY DOCS, John Colvin, Superintendent of Security with NY DOCS and others
Defendant: John Doe, #1 Correctional Officer of Five Points Correctional Facility, Jane Doe, #2 Nurse of Five Points Correctional Facility, John Doe, Doctor of Five Points Correctional Facility and others
Martinez v. DeMarco
as 18-871
Plaintiff - Appellant: Sabas Martinez
Defendant - Appellee: David Martin, Gregory John Schaffer
Defendant: Vincent F. Demarco, Charles Ewald, Department of Police and others
Perez v. Jepsen
as 18-846
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ometrius Perez
Defendant - Appellee: George Jepsen, in his official capacity, State of Connecticut Office of the Attorney General, in its official capacity, Matthew B. Beizer, in his official capacity
Boyler v. City of Lackawanna
as 18-839
Plaintiff - Appellant: Scott A. Boyler
Defendant - Appellee: City of Lackawanna, Joseph Leo, individually and in his official capacity as Captain of the City of Lackawanna Police, Brian Lakso
Smith v. Erie County Holding Center
as 18-863
Plaintiff - Appellant: William D. Smith
Defendant - Appellee: Michael A. Benson, in his individual capacity and official capacity as First Deputy Superintendent at Erie County Holding Center, Leary, of Erie County Holding Center, Bienko and others
Defendant: Erie County Holding Center, Medical Department, Erie County Holding Center, First Deputy Superintendent, Erie County Holding Center and others
White v. Bailey
as 18-818
Plaintiff: R.W., a minor
Plaintiff - Appellant: Erik White
Defendant - Appellee: Monica Bailey, Roshana Anderson, Myrna Brown, #5114819 (A.C.S.) In her Official and Individual Capacity and others

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