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Washington v. Hirsch
as 17-118
Plaintiff - Appellant: Charles E. Washington
Defendant - Appellee: Charles S. Hirsch
Baez v. Ranjan
as 17-115
Plaintiff - Appellant: Steven Baez
Defendant - Appellee: Pravin Ranjan, Medical Doctor, Jonathan August, Physical Therapist, Kennedy Gordon, Medical Doctor and others
Defendant: Jadow Rao, Facility Health Service Director
Jackson v. Marks
as 17-119
Plaintiff - Appellant: Nahshon Jackson
Defendant - Appellee: Tina M. Stanford, Lawrence K. Marks, Jeff McKoy and others
Coleman v. Ortiz
as 17-27
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gladys Coleman
Defendant - Appellee: Detective Felix Ortiz, Shield # 6128
Defendant: New York City, New York Police Department, Francis and others
Hassan v. Nassau County
as 16-4327
Plaintiff - Appellant: Bilal Hassan
Defendant - Appellee: Nassau County, Armor Correctional Health of New York, Inc., Jose Armas, MD and others
Isasi v. Fischer
as 16-4242
Petitioner - Appellant: Richard Isasi
Defendant - Appellee: Brian Fischer, Ex-Commissioner of The New York State Department of Correction and Service, Albert Prack, Director of Special Housing and Inmate Discipline, Norman Bezio, Former Director of Special Housing and Inmate Discipline and others
Isasi v. Fischer
as 16-4247
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard Isasi
Defendant - Appellee: Patrick Griffin, Ex Superintendent of Southport Correctional Facility, Brian Fischer, Ex Commissioner of the New York State Department Correction, J. Von Hagn, Nurse Administrator of Southport Correctional Facility and others
Zeigler v. Annucci
as 16-4240
Plaintiff - Appellant: Synfu Zeigler
Defendant - Appellee: Anthony J. Annucci, Acting Commissioner, New York
Fleming v. City of New York
as 16-4223
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert Fleming
Defendant - Appellee: City of New York, New York Police Department, Cold Case Squad, Detective Stradford, Shield #3420 and others
Alston v. Pafumi
as 16-4228
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ira Alston
Defendant - Appellee: Saylor, Lieutenant, Michael Pafumi, Lieutenant
Defendant: Sharp, Lieutenant, Riordan, Lieutenant, Claudio, Lieutenant and others

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