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Gomez v. Fisher
as 16-3836
Plaintiff - Appellant: Franklin Gomez
Defendant - Appellee: William Fisher, The City of New York
Defendant: The New York City Police Department
Shapard v. Attea
as 16-3764
Plaintiff - Appellant: Christopher Shapard
Defendant - Appellee: John Attea, Correction Officer, Edwin Mendez, Correction Officer, Robert Kyle, Correction Officer and others
Bradshaw v. Brown
as 16-3716
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jay Bradshaw
Defendant - Appellee: Kenneth Appellaum, Assistant District Attorney, Queens County District Attorney's Office, Diana Megias, Assistant District Attorney of Queens County District Attorney's Office, Keisha Espanal, Assistant District Attorney of Queens County District Attorney's Office
Defendant: Richard A. Brown, Queens County District Attorney, Queens County District Attorney's Office, City of New York
Bonano v. Staniszewski
as 16-3751
Plaintiff - Appellant: Michael Bonano
Defendant - Appellee: Sr. Parole Officer Ilene Staniszewski, William McCartney, Brooklyn II Bureau Chief, Andrea W. Evans, NY State Parole Chairwoman and others
Graham v. Porco
as 16-3710
Plaintiff - Appellant: Clydedoro Graham
Defendant - Appellee: Domenick J. Porco, Samuel Braverman, Paul P. Rinaldo
Cary v. Reed
as 16-3711
Plaintiff - Appellant: Hurbert Cary
Defendant - Appellee: Duane Reed, Mr. Simmons
Hassell v. Fischer
as 16-3641
Plaintiff - Appellee: William Hassell
Defendant: New York State Corrections Employee John Doe, (fictitious name) (in an individual capacity), Monty Bynum, New York State Parole Officer (in an individual capacity), New York State Parole Employee Jane Doe, (fictitious name) (in an individual capacity) and others
Defendant - Appellant: Brian Fischer, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections (in an individual capacity), Andrea W. Evans, Chairwoman, New York State Board of Parole (in an individual capacity), Mr. Anthony J. Annucci, Acting Commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections(in an individual capacity) and others
Green v. Fischer
as 16-3676
Plaintiff - Appellant: Shawn Green
Defendant - Appellee: Schmelzle
Defendant: Brian Fischer, Commissioner for Department of Correctional Services (DOCS), Lucien J. LeClaire, Jr., Deputy Commissioner, Karen Bellamy, Director, Inmate Grievance program (IGP) and others
Petrucelli v. Rusin
as 16-3642
Plaintiff - Appellant: John Petrucelli
Defendant - Appellee: Kristen Rusin
King v. Gibbon
as 16-3623
Plaintiff - Appellant: Dushawn King
Defendant - Appellee: Justice Barry Kron, 18-8 Lawyer Wyatt Naomori Gibbons

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