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Rojai Fentress v. Harold Clarke
as 16-7144
Petitioner - Appellant: ROJAI LAVAR FENTRESS
Respondent - Appellee: HAROLD W. CLARKE
Jerry Adams v. James Beal
as 16-7135
Petitioner - Appellant: JERRY L. ADAMS
Respondent - Appellee: JAMES V. BEAL
Larry Simmons v. State of Maryland
as 16-7132
Petitioner - Appellant: LARRY BARBENTEN SIMMONS
Respondent - Appellee: THE STATE OF MARYLAND
John L. Wray, Jr. v. Frank L. Perry
as 16-7136
Petitioner - Appellant: JOHN LEWIS WRAY, JR.
Respondent - Appellee: FRANK L. PERRY, Secretary of the Department of Public Safety
Romney Rentas v. Jennifer Saad
as 16-7125
Petitioner - Appellant: ROMNEY RENTAS
Respondent - Appellee: JENNIFER SAAD
Owen Leavitt v. Carlton Joyner
as 16-7122
Petitioner - Appellant: OWEN D. LEAVITT
Respondent - Appellee: CARLTON B. JOYNER
Bonnell Boyd v. James Beale
as 16-7128
Petitioner - Appellant: BONNELL BOYD
Respondent - Appellee: JAMES BEALE, Warden Deerfield Correctional Center
Ronyell Morning, Sr. v. Harold Clark
as 16-7119
Petitioner - Appellant: RONYELL D. MORNING, SR.
Respondent - Appellee: HAROLD CLARK, Director of VADOC
Ralph Taylor, Jr. v. Harold Clarke
as 16-7117
Petitioner - Appellant: RALPH TAYLOR, JR.
Respondent - Appellee: HAROLD CLARKE, Director of the Virginia Department of Corrections
Curtis Ray Brooks v. Harold Clarke
as 16-7121
Petitioner - Appellant: CURTIS RAY BROOKS
Respondent - Appellee: HAROLD CLARKE, Director, Virginia Department of Virginia

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