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Timothy Finley v. Robert Napel, et al
as 17-1065
Plaintiff - Appellant: TIMOTHY FINLEY
Defendant - Appellee: ROBERT NAPEL, Warden, Warden, TODD JENNINGS, Corrections Officer
Morris Weatherspoon v. Jill Strahan, et al
as 17-1029
Plaintiff - Appellant: MORRIS WEATHERSPOON
Defendant - Appellee: JILL STRAHAN, Mental Health Provider, KIM ESSLIN, Correctional Officer Ranked Sergeant, JOHN THIBAULT, Correctional Officer and others
Christopher Bey v. Carmen Palmer, et al
as 16-2790
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHRISTOPHER L. BEY
Defendant - Appellee: CARMEN DENISE PALMER, Warden, HEIDI E. WASHINGTON, Director, [UNKNOWN] SCHOOLEY, Deputy Warden and others
Kevin Theriot v. Jeffrey Woods, et al
as 16-2778
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEVIN THERIOT
Defendant - Appellee: JEFFREY WOODS, Warden, et al.
Robert Crisostomo v. Ray Ormond, et al
as 16-6846
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT CRISOSTOMO
Defendant - Appellee: RAY ORMOND, Warden, LORETTA E. LYNCH, U.S. Attorney General, IAN CONNORS, Inmate Appeals and others
Tyganda Gilmore v. Ray Ormond, et al
as 16-6839
Plaintiff - Appellant: TYGANDA GILMORE
Defendant - Appellee: RAY ORMOND, Warden, [UNKNOWN] BAKER, S.I.S. Acting Investigator, [UNKNOWN] CHANEY, Special Housing Unit Lieutenant and others
Thomas Snelling v. Willie Smith, et al
as 16-2710
Plaintiff - Appellant: THOMAS R. SNELLING
Defendant - Appellee: WILLIE O. SMITH, Warden, Warden
Charles Fields v. Dan Lesatz, et al
as 16-2711
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHARLES EDWARD FIELDS
Defendant - Appellee: DAN LESATZ, Deputy Warden, SCOTT SPRADER, Deputy Warden, L. PHILLIPSON, Arus and others
Richard Stein v. David LaLonde, et al
as 16-2712
Plaintiff - Appellant: RICHARD DEAN STEIN
Defendant - Appellee: DAVID LALONDE, RUM / Acting Deputy Warden, D. ISARD, Deputy Warden, C. HORTON, Deputy Warden / Acting Warden and others
Clarence Herndon v. Daniel Heyns, et al
as 16-2706
Plaintiff - Appellant: CLARENCE W. HERNDON
Defendant - Appellee: DANIEL H. HEYNS, WILLIE O. SMITH, Warden

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