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Xavier Henry v. Dennis Bergeron, et al
as 16-2317
Plaintiff - Appellant: XAVIER HENRY
Defendant - Appellee: DENNIS BERGERON, Correctional Officer, JON JOHNSON, Correctional Officer, STEVEN ROSEBROCK, Correctional Officer and others
Eugene McKinney v. Gary Rutenbar, et al
as 16-2312
Plaintiff - Appellant: EUGENE MCKINNEY
Defendant - Appellee: GARY RUTENBAR, Correctional Officer, CORRIGAN, Inspector
Timothy Carl v. Muskegon County, et al
as 16-2302
Plaintiff - Appellant: TIMOTHY A. CARL
Defendant: MUSKEGON COUNTY, et al.
Defendant - Appellee: KATHERINE JAWOR
Robert Baker v. County of Missaukee, et al
as 16-2294
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT ALLEN BAKER
Defendant - Appellee: COUNTY OF MISSAUKEE, SOTERO M. URETA, Dr., M.D., JAMES D. BOSSCHER, Sheriff and others
Terrence Darby v. Shane Place, et al
as 16-2278
Plaintiff - Appellant: TERRENCE BERNARD DARBY
Defendant - Appellee: SHANE PLACE, Warden, THOMAS MACKIE, Warden, DANIEL LESATZ, Deputy Warden and others
David Bailey v. Randy Ingram
as 16-6390
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID WAYNE BAILEY
Defendant - Appellee: RANDY INGRAM, in his individual capacity, et al.
Sheik Hunter-El v. U.S.Penitentiary at Big Sandy
as 16-6364
Plaintiff - Appellant: SHEIK AARON HUNTER-EL, aka Aaron D. Hunter
Thomas Snelling v. Kenneth Romanowski, et al
as 16-2233
Plaintiff - Appellant: THOMAS R. SNELLING
Defendant - Appellee: KENNETH ROMANOWSKI, Warden, GEORGE STEPHENSON, Warden, MERRIANNE WEBERG, Lt. and others
Robert Sango v. James LeClaire, et al
as 16-2221
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT D. SANGO
Defendant - Appellee: JAMES LECLAIRE, Assistant Residential Unit Supervisor, Unit 6, [UNKNOWN] BASTAIN, Correctional Officer, [UNKNOWN] LAPLANTE, Grievances Coordinator and others
Gene Favors v. Jeff Woods, et al
as 16-2213
Plaintiff - Appellant: GENE T. FAVORS
Defendant - Appellee: JEFF WOODS, Warden, RICHARD D. RUSSELL, Manager, Grievance Section, DAVID M. LEACH, Special Activities Coordinator and others

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