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Mark White v. Kenneth McKee, et al
as 16-2066
Plaintiff - Appellant: MARK EARL WHITE
Defendant - Appellee: KENNETH T. MCKEE, Warden, Deputy Director of Prisoner Housing & Transfer, [UNKNOWN] SOWA, Prisoner Counselor, [UNKNOWN] MURPHY, Director of Law Library Services for Prisoners
David Hardy v. William Adams, et al
as 16-2055
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID HARDY
Defendant - Appellee: WILLIAM ADAMS, (ARUS) Assistant Resident Unit Supervisor, LINDA ADAMS, (ARUS) Assistant Resident Unit Supervisor, ROBERT AULT, (R.U.M.) Resident Unit Manager and others
Defendant: GREG MCQUIGGIN, Warden, Chippewa Correctional Facility
Michael Gresham v. Pamela Austin, et al
as 16-2049
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHAEL GRESHAM
Defendant - Appellee: PAMELA AUSTIN, DDS Dentist, UNKNOWN LESE, Correctional Officer, S. EAGLE, named as Unknown S. Eagle or Jane Doe Dental Assistant and others
John Rawls v. Heidi Washington
as 16-2014
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN RAWLS
Defendant - Appellee: HEIDI E. WASHINGTON
David Hardy v. Unknown Agee, et al
as 16-2005
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID HARDY
Defendant - Appellee: UNKNOWN AGEE, Chaplain, DUNCAN MACLAREN, Warrden, DAVID MASTAW, Administrative Assistant and others
Damien Sublett v. Justin Bryant, et al
as 16-6111
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAMIEN SUBLETT
Defendant - Appellee: JUSTIN T. BRYANT, Correctional Officer - Northpoint Training Center, BRAD ADAMS, Correctional Officer - Northpoint Training Center, JAMIE MORELAND, Correctional Officer - Northpoint Training Center and others
David Hardy v. Matthew Sizer, et al
as 16-1979
Plaintiff - Appellant: DAVID HARDY
Defendant - Appellee: MATTHEW SIZER, Registered Nurse, RUSSELL DEFREITAS, Registered Nurse, DAWN EICHER, Registered Nurse and others
John Ashford v. J. Flatt, et al
as 16-1981
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN DANIE ASHFORD, aka John Daniel Ashford
Defendant - Appellee: J. FLATT, Corrections Officer, T. PARLINE, Assistant Resident Unit Supervisor, RICHARD MCBRYDE, Prisoner Counselor and others
Darrin LaPine v. Robert Savoie, et al
as 16-1893
Plaintiff - Appellant: DARRIN LAPINE
Defendant - Appellee: ROBERT SAVOIE, Sheriff, MICHAEL BITNAR, Undersheriff, JOHN HORKE, Tether Agent and others
Sean Ryan v. MI, et al
as 16-1848
Plaintiff - Appellant: SEAN MICHAEL RYAN
Defendant - Appellee: STATE OF MICHIGAN, et, al

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