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Charles Holbrook v. Superintendent
as 17-1600
Petitioner - Appellant: CHARLES J. HOLBROOK
Respondent - Appellee: SUPERINTENDENT
Louis Hall v. Christine Brannon
as 17-1599
Petitioner - Appellant: LOUIS HALL
Respondent - Appellee: CHRISTINE BRANNON, Warden
Miguel Rivera v. John Baldwin
as 17-1592
Petitioner - Appellant: MIGUEL RIVERA
Respondent - Appellee: JOHN R. BALDWIN, Acting Director of Illinois Department of Corrections
Floyd Robinson v. Nicholas Lamb
as 17-1578
Petitioner - Appellant: FLOYD ROBINSON
Respondent - Appellee: NICHOLAS LAMB
Lawrence Stevens v. Charles Daniels
as 17-1584
Petitioner - Appellant: LAWRENCE STEVENS
Respondent - Appellee: CHARLES A. DANIELS, Warden
Robert Smith v. Ricardo Rios
as 17-1587
Petitioner - Appellant: ROBERT SMITH
Respondent - Appellee: RICARDO RIOS, Warden
Warren Parks v. Dushan Zatecky
as 17-1566
Petitioner - Appellant: WARREN E. PARKS
Respondent - Appellee: DUSHAN ZATECKY, Superintendent
Danny Howell v. Richard Brown
as 17-1558
Petitioner - Appellant: DANNY HOWELL
Respondent - Appellee: RICHARD BROWN
Johnnie Gipson v. Keith Butts
as 17-1554
Petitioner - Appellant: JOHNNIE LEE GIPSON
Respondent - Appellee: KEITH BUTTS
Christopher Montgomery v. Richard Brown
as 17-1548
Petitioner - Appellant: CHRISTOPHER MONTGOMERY
Respondent - Appellee: RICHARD BROWN

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