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Steven Zirko v. Parthasarathi Ghosh, et al
as 18-2039
Plaintiff - Appellant: STEVEN ZIRKO
Defendant - Appellee: PARTHASARATHI GHOSH, Doctor, CATALINO BAUTISTA, M.D., MARCUS HARDY, Warden and others
Daniel Lashbrook v. Kathy Griffin
as 18-1903
Plaintiff - Appellant: DANIEL K. LASHBROOK
Defendant - Appellee: KATHY GRIFFIN, Superintendent, in her official capacity
Leroy Palmer v. Craig Franz
as 18-1384
Plaintiff - Appellant: LEROY PALMER
Defendant - Appellee: CRAIG P. FRANZ, RN
Jeffrey Leiser v. Karen Kloth, et al
as 17-3378
Plaintiff - Appellee: JEFFREY D. LEISER
Defendant - Appellant: KAREN KLOTH, Correctional Sergeant, PAULA STOUDT, Unit Manager, REED A. RICHARDSON, Warden
Kenneth Daugherty v. Richard Harrington, et al
as 17-3224
Plaintiff - Appellant: KENNETH JAMES DAUGHERTY
Brian Broadfield v. Brian McGrath, et al
as 17-3071
Plaintiff - Appellee: BRIAN BROADFIELD
Defendant - Appellant: BRIAN MCGRATH, Officer, JASON DURHAM, Sergeant, STUART INMAN, Jail Administrator
Roman Lee Jones v. Robert E. Carter
as 17-2836
Plaintiff - Appellee: ROMAN LEE JONES
Defendant - Appellant: ROBERT E. CARTER, JR., Commissioner, Indiana Department of Corrections
Edward Moore, Jr. v. Robert Hughes, et al
as 17-2041
Plaintiff - Appellant: EDWARD A. MOORE, JR.
Defendant - Appellee: ROBERT HUGHES, Lieutentant, Chairperson Adjustment Committee, Menard CC, VIRGIL SMITH, CHRISTOPHER ROTH
Elijah Reid v. Michael Melvin, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 17-1907
Plaintiff - Appellant: ELIJAH REID
Charles Hill v. Michael Atchison, et al
as 17-1914
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHARLES HILL
Defendant - Appellee: MICHAEL P. ATCHISON, Warden, JOSHUA SCHOENBECK, Correctional Officer, TIM VEATH, Correctional Officer and others

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