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Randy Nunez v. Saks Incorporated, et al
as 17-56821
Plaintiff - Appellant: RANDY NUNEZ, on Behalf of Himself and All Others Similarly Situated
Defendant - Appellee: SAKS INCORPORATED, a Tennessee corporation, DOES, 1-50, Inclusive
Errol Scorza, IV v. State of California
as 17-56812
Plaintiff - Appellant: ERROL JOSEPH SCORZA IV
Defendant - Appellee: STATE OF CALIFORNIA
Naora Ben Dov v. Shoshana Sragow, et al
as 17-56807
Plaintiff - Appellant: NAORA BEN DOV
Defendant - Appellee: SHOSHANA ZELDA SRAGOW, AKA Stacy Suzanne Sragow, DOES, Three to Ten, ALLEN SRAGOW and others
Matthew Johnson, et al v. David Mazza, et al
as 17-56783
Plaintiff - Appellant: MATTHEW JOHNSON, NATHAN JOHNSON, GEMINI PARTNERS, INC., a California corporation and others
Defendant - Appellee: DAVID MAZZA, PAUL M. WEST, ANTHONY ALLEN WOOD and others
Finsa Portafolios, S.A. de C.V, et al v. OpenGate Capital, LLC, et al
as 17-56776
Plaintiff - Appellant: FINSA PORTAFOLIOS, S.A. DE C.V., a Mexican corporation, FINSA CKD M FIDEICOMISO CIB 2017, a Mexican trust
Defendant - Appellee: OPENGATE CAPITAL, LLC, a California limited liability company, OPEN PUBLISHING, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
Defendant: ROUNDROCK 092012, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, ROUNDROCK SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, ROUNDROCK MEXICO, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and others
Nicholas Razo v. Ashley Furniture Industries, et al
as 17-56770
Plaintiff - Appellant: NICHOLAS RAZO, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated
Defendant - Appellee: ASHLEY FURNITURE INDUSTRIES, INC., a Wisconsin corporation, ASHLEY HOMESTORES, LTD., a Wisconsin corporation, DOES, 1-100, inclusive
Melissa Vigil v. Mars, Inc., et al
as 17-17353
Plaintiff - Appellee: MELISSA L. VIGIL, individually and on behalf of herself and all others similarly situated
Defendant - Appellant: MARS, INC., a Delaware corporation, MARS FOOD US, LLC, a Delaware corporation
Nhuong Nguyen v. Jackson Lucky, et al
as 17-56701
Plaintiff - Appellant: NHUONG VAN NGUYEN
Defendant - Appellee: JACKSON LUCKY, MONIQUE PHAM, VALERIE MURPHY and others
Kelly Crowe v. Rama Gogineni, et al
as 17-17231
Plaintiff - Appellant: KELLY CROWE
Defendant - Appellee: RAMA GOGINENI, BULLIVANT, HOUSER, BAILEY, P.C., an Oregon corporation
MH Pillars LTD, et al v. Carol Realini, et al
as 17-17211
Plaintiff - Appellee: MH PILLARS LTD, a United Kingdom Corporation, MH PILLARS INC., a New York Corporation,
Defendant - Appellant: CAROL REALINI, an individual California resident, RODNEY ROBINSON, an individual California resident, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN, an individual Ohio resident and others

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