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Jeffrey Young-Bey v. Unity Medical Healthcare, et al
as 16-7148
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jeffrey M. Young-Bey
Defendant - Appellee: Unity Medical Healthcare, A. Marshall, M.D., L. Keck, M.D. and others
Seidy Tiburcio v. Capitol of the United State
as 15-5032
Plaintiff - Appellant: Seidy M. Tiburcio
Defendant - Appellee: Capitol Of The United States
Shilisa Rhodes v. USA
as 13-5339
Plaintiff - Appellee: Shilisa Rhodes
Defendant - Appellant: United States of America
M.J., et al v. Georgetown University Medical, et al
as 13-5321
Plaintiff - Appellant: M.J., A minor, by and through Bianca Jarvis, his parent and natural guardian, Bianca Jarvis
Defendant - Appellee: Georgetown University Medical Center, Georgetown University Hospital, Lori A. Picco and others
Rosa Flores Hernandez v. USA
as 13-5201
Plaintiff - Appellant: Rosa Alba Flores Hernandez
Defendant - Appellee: United States of America
Larry Hagan, et al v. USA
as 13-5048
Plaintiff - Appellant: Larry Hagan, Individually and as Father and Next Friend of Minor L.C.H., L. C. H., Minor by and through his Father and Next Friend, Larry Hagan
Defendant - Appellee: United States of America
Larry Coleman v. WashingtonHospital Center Corp, et al
as 10-7126
Plaintiff - Appellant: Larry Coleman
Defendant - Appellee: WashingtonHospital Center Corp., Pamela Randolph, MD
Adele Connell v. Annesley Copeland, et al
as 10-5166
Plaintiff - Appellant: Adele O. Connell
Defendant - Appellee: Annesley W. Copeland, M.D., United States of America
Ronald Jackson v. GMAC Insurance, et al
as 09-5396
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ronald J. Jackson
Defendant - Appellee: GMAC Insurance, Avery & Associates, Veterans Administration Hospital
Alexander Ocasio v. James Duff
as 09-5398
Plaintiff - Appellant: Alexander Ocasio
Defendant - Appellee: James C. Duff, Director of the Administrative Office

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