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John Doe v. James Mattis We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 18-5032
Petitioner - Appellee: John Doe
Respondent - Appellant: James Mattis, in his official capacity as Secretary of Defense
Benjamin Foreman v. Harley Lappin
as 17-5222
Plaintiff - Appellant: Benjamin P. Foreman
Defendant - Appellee: Harley G. Lappin
Kelvin Miles v. Leann LaRiva
as 17-5198
Petitioner - Appellant: Kelvin J. Miles
Respondent - Appellee: Leann LaRiva, Warden
Gene Allen v. State of Nevada, et al
as 17-7111
Petitioner - Appellant: Gene Allen
Respondent - Appellee: State of Nevada, 8th J.D.C. Clark County, Renee Baker, Warden, L.C.C. N.D.O.C.
Jimmie McNair v. USPC
as 17-5153
Plaintiff - Appellant: Jimmie McNair
Defendant - Appellee: United States Parole Commission
Darnell Anderson v. J.E. Krueger
as 17-5147
Petitioner - Appellant: Darnell N. Anderson
Respondent - Appellee: J.E. Krueger, Warden
Eddricco Brown-Bey v. State of North Carolina, et al
as 17-7089
Plaintiff - Appellant: Eddricco Li'shaun Brown-Bey
Defendant - Appellee: State of North Carolina, State of North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Director, State of North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Secretary
Andre Juste v. Jeff Sessions, et al
as 17-5134
Plaintiff - Appellant: Andre Juste
Defendant - Appellee: Jeff Sessions, Todd L. Tryon, Buffalo Federal Detention Facility Detention Center Officers and others
Curtis Watson v. USA
as 17-5116
Petitioner - Appellant: Curtis Lee Watson
Respondent - Appellee: United States of America
Bobby Hazel v. Jeff Session
as 17-5090
Petitioner - Appellant: Bobby E. Hazel
Respondent - Appellee: Jeff Sessions

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