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Saleem El-Amin v. DC
as 17-7026
Plaintiff - Appellant: Saleem El-Amin
Defendant - Appellee: District of Columbia
Richard Milbourn v. Hillary Clinton, et al
as 17-7015
Plaintiff - Appellant: Richard Milbourn
Defendant - Appellee: Hillary Rodham Clinton, George Sorros, National Democratic Committee
Duane Berry v. Loretta Lynch
as 16-5383
Plaintiff - Appellant: Duane Letroy Berry
Defendant - Appellee: Loretta E. Lynch
Micah Blackfeather v. Barack Obama, et al
as 16-5369
Plaintiff - Appellant: Micah Blackfeather
Defendant - Appellee: Barack Hussein Obama, Donald John Trump, Hillary Rodham Clinton and others
Bruce Void v. J. Smoot, et al
as 16-5367
Plaintiff - Appellant: Bruce E. Void
Defendant - Appellee: J. Patricia Wilson Smoot, United States Parole Commission
Saleem El-Amin v. April Downs, et al
as 16-7145
Plaintiff - Appellant: Saleem El-Amin
Defendant - Appellee: April Downs, Office of Attorney, District of Columbia
Mohammed Omran v. James Comey, et al
as 16-5346
Plaintiff - Appellant: Mohammed Abdallah Omran
Defendant - Appellee: James B. Comey, Timothy Moynihan, Sarah Saldana and others
Prince Jones v. Muriel Bowser, et al
as 16-7141
Plaintiff - Appellant: Prince Jones
Plaintiff - Appellee: Lafayette Dotson, Adonnis Atchinson, Ricky Donaldson and others
Defendant - Appellee: Muriel Bowser, Phil Mendelson, Kennyan Muduffie and others
Gregory Bartko v. DOJ, et al
as 16-5333
Plaintiff - Appellant: Gregory Bartko
Defendant - Appellee: United States Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, United States Postal Inspection Service and others
Ike Nunn v. Loretta Lynch
as 16-5305
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ike Shawndale Nunn
Defendant - Appellee: Loretta E. Lynch

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