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Scott v. Lamb et al
as 2:2016cv13462
Heard et al v. Snyder et al
as 2:2016cv13452
Plaintiff: Lamont Heard, Richard Baldwin, Kalen D. Johnson and others
Defendant: Rick Snyder, Heidi Washington, Michael Eagen
Brown v. Barnett et al
as 2:2016cv13451
Defendant: Larry Barnett, Arthur Leavell, Gregory Tourville and others
Plaintiff: Edmond W. Brown, Jr.
Price v. Stephenson et al
as 1:2016cv13434
Plaintiff: Tyrone Price
Defendant: Scott Stephenson, Jeffrey Derocher, Richard Speich
Arnold v. Hutchinson et al
as 5:2016cv13403
Plaintiff: Earl Arnold
Defendant: Hutchinson, R. Harbaugh
Quagliato v. Gidley
as 5:2016cv13407
Petitioner: Sebastiano Quagliato
Respondent: Laurie Gidley
Rodriguez v. McCarthy Jr. et al
as 2:2016cv13328
Plaintiff: Mario Huerta Rodriguez
Defendant: Joseph McCarthy, Jr., Toby Marshall, Michael Bunk and others
Belser et al v. Borgerding et al
as 2:2016cv13296
Plaintiff: Marvin Belser, Sr., P.R.B., M.B. and others
Defendant: William Borgerding, Obell Thomas Winn, Shane Jackson and others
Cheema v. Asadoorian et al
as 2:2016cv13265
Plaintiff: Salik N. Cheema
Defendant: Lisa Asadoorian, Jennifer M Faunce, Marc D. McDonald and others

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