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Epstein v. Jacobin Foundation LTD. et al
as 1:2017cv04633
Plaintiff: Marcus Epstein
Defendant: Micah Eutricht, Jacobin Foundation LTD., Jeb Lund and others
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Libel,Assault,Slander
Hercsky v. Evans et al
as 2:2017cv04199
Defendant: Jacqueline Evans, Sharyn Guzzi
Plaintiff: Jeantov Hercsky
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Account Receivable
McPherson v. Google Inc.
as 2:2017cv03418
Defendant: Google Inc.
Plaintiff: Racquel K McPherson
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Notice of Removal
Doe v. Roe
as 2:2017cv02911
Plaintiff: John Doe
Defendant: Jane Roe
Cause Of Action: Diversity-(Citizenship)
Cemtrex, Inc. v. Pearson et al
as 2:2017cv01258
Plaintiff: Cemtrex, Inc.
Defendant: John Does No. 1-10, Ricardo Antonio Pearson
Cause Of Action: Diversity-(Citizenship)
Elemam v. Government Employees Insurance Company et al
as 2:2017cv00015
Defendant: Best Care Inc., Jane Doe, John Doe and others
Plaintiff: Dr. Ahmed Elemam
Cause Of Action: Diversity-(Citizenship)
Lowman v. Alite
as 1:2016cv06171
Defendant: John Alite
Plaintiff: Jeff Lowman
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Personal Injury
Brand v. Pollock
as 2:2016cv04403
Plaintiff: Jason P Brand
Defendant: Dr. Joselyn M. Pollock, Texas State University
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Libel,Assault,Slander
Eyes on the Go NY, INC. v. Auctus Private Equity Fund, LLC et al
as 1:2016cv04114
Defendant: Auctus Private Equity Fund, LLC, Peter Flynn, Louis J Posner and others
Plaintiff: Eyes on the Go NY, INC.
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Libel,Assault,Slander
Ansah v. Atlantic University School of medicine
as 2:2016cv03910
Plaintiff: Rona Rosemond Ansah
Defendant: Atlantic University School of medicine
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Libel,Assault,Slander

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