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Grey Rock Gathering & Marketing, L.L.C. v. Devall Commercial Barge Line, LLC.
as 4:2019cv02320
Defendant: Devall Commercial Barge Line, L.L.C., Grey Rock Gathering & Marketing, L.L.C.
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
Atlantic Trading & Marketing, Inc. v. AMSPEC, LLC
as 4:2019cv02302
Plaintiff: Atlantic Trading & Marketing, Inc.
Defendant: AMSPEC, LLC
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Contract Dispute
ADMIntermare v. Kamca Trading SA et al
as 4:2019cv02238
Defendant: Glencore LTD., Kamca Trading SA
Plaintiff: ADMINTERMARE, A Division of ADM International, SARL, ADMIntermare
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
Norient Product Pool A/S et al v. NuStar Energy Services, Inc.
as 3:2019cv00184
Defendant: NuStar Energy Services, Inc.
Plaintiff: Norient Product Pool A/S, Ridgebury Echo, LLC
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
Larnelon Shipping Ltd. v. Lord Energy SA et al
as 4:2019cv01932
Plaintiff: Larnelon Shipping Ltd.
Garnishee: Repsol Trading SA
Defendant: Lord Energy SA
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
DB Insurance Co., Ltd. v. SAGA Welco AS
as 4:2019cv01758
Plaintiff: DB Insurance Co., Ltd.
Defendant: SAGA Welco AS
Cause Of Action: Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Savage SE Operations, LLC v. Wartsila North America, Inc. et al
as 4:2019cv01681
Defendant: Wartsila Corporation, Wartsila North America, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Breach of Contract
WAG SPV I, LLC et al v. Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics (USA), Inc. et al
as 4:2019cv01653
Plaintiff: Hark Capital I, LP, WAG SPV I, LLC
Defendant: Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics (USA), Inc., Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics, Ltd., Eric Opah
Cause Of Action: Declaratory Judgment
Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd. et al v. Northern Offshore Drilling Services U.S. Inc. et al
as 4:2019cv01602
Plaintiff: Assuranceforeningen Gard - gjensidig, Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd.
Defendant: Northern Offshore U.K. Ltd., Northern Offshore Drilling Services U.S. Inc.
Cause Of Action: Admiralty
Cavilla v. Schlumberger Technology Corporation et al
as 4:2019cv01588
Plaintiff: Stephen Cavilla
Defendant: Schlumberger Technology Corporation, DOES 1 Through 100, Inclusive
Cause Of Action: Diversity-Petition for Removal

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