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Cases 31 - 40 of 8,709
Ya-May Christle v. City of Arcadiaet al
as 2:2016cv08569
Defendant: Officer Robert Bartley, Officer Robert Bartley, City of Arcadia and others
Plaintiff: Ya-May Christle
Ruth Newby v. County of Riverside et al
as 5:2016cv02381
Defendant: County of Riverside, DOES, John Doe Deputies and others
Plaintiff: Ruth Newby
Herlina Alvarez-Salcedo v. Satelite Tracking of People LLC et al
as 8:2016cv02062
Defendant: 3M Electronic Monitoring Inc., Attenbury Brooks, DOES and others
Plaintiff: Herlinda Alvarez-Salcedo, D.G., M.G.
Victor Maldonado v. County of Riverside et al
as 5:2016cv02372
Defendant: Christopher J. Bellivan, County of Riverside, DOES
Plaintiff: Victor Maldonado
Thornton v. County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services et al
as 2:2016cv08482
Defendant: County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, Daisy Cruz, DOES 1 through 10, inclusive, and others
Plaintiff: Keith Thornton
Edward L. Ryan v. Charles Beck et al
as 2:2016cv08488
Defendant: All Personell from Kaiser, Charles Beck, County Security teams and Ambulance drivers and others
Plaintiff: Edward L Ryan
as 2:2016cv08515
Shawn Joseph Anderson v. County of San Bernardino et al
as 5:2016cv02353
Plaintiff: Shawn Joseph Anderson
Defendant: County of San Bernardino, Doe 1, Doe 2 and others
Provisional National Government of Vietnam et al v. Walter Chen et al
as 8:2016cv02052
Plaintiff: Phat Van Bui, Provisional National Government of Vietnam
Defendant: Walter Chen, Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp., Formosa Industries Corp and others
James Michael Barden v. City of Pomona et al
as 2:2016cv08468
Plaintiff: James Michael Barden
Defendant: Charles Beck, LAPD Chief Charles Beck, Chief Paul Capraro and others

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