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Joseph Demetrius Lyles v. Compton Courts et al
as 2:2016cv06286
Defendant: Chino State Prison, Compton Courts
Petitioner: Joseph Demetrius Lyles
Danuyel E. Bryant v. Debbire Asuncion We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2016cv06255
Respondent: Debbie Asuncion
Plaintiff: Danuyel E. Bryant
Grady Myers v. Calvin Johnson
as 5:2016cv01769
Respondent: Calvin Johnson
Petitioner: Grady Myers
Thomas McGriggs v. D. Shinn
as 5:2016cv01757
Petitioner: Thomas McGriggs
Respondent: D. Shinn
Joseph Dvorak v. David Long
as 2:2016cv06183
Petitioner: Joseph Dvorak
Respondent: David Long
Billy Lampton v. D. Shinn
as 2:2016cv06187
Petitioner: Billy Lampton
Respondent: Warden D. Shinn
Ellis McHenry v. David Shinn
as 5:2016cv01758
Petitioner: Ellis McHenry
Respondent: David Shinn
Joseph Richard Valencia, Jr. v. David Baughman We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2016cv06131
Respondent: David Baughman
Petitioner: Joseph Richard Valencia, Jr.

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