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Gonzalez v. Fox
as 2:2016cv05568
Respondent: Warden Robert W Fox
Petitioner: Juan Gerardo Gonzalez
Joseph Conrad Humphries v. Scott Kernan
as 2:2016cv05503
Petitioner: Joseph Conrad Humphries
Respondent: Scott Kernan
Jose Antonio Malik Ayala v. The Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of California
as 2:2016cv05487
Petitioner: Jose Antonio Malik Ayala
Respondent: The Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of California
Brian Keith Brim v. People of State of California
as 2:2016cv05488
Petitioner: Brian Keith Brim
Respondent: People of State of California
Earl A. Lee v. J. Soto
as 2:2016cv05470
Petitioner: Earl A. Lee
Respondent: J Soto
Craig Stevenson v. Shawn Hatton
as 2:2016cv05400
Respondent: Shawn Hatton
Petitioner: Craig Stevenson
Anthony Chotirawi v. A. Yard
as 2:2016cv05382
Petitioner: Anthony Chotirawi
Respondent: A Yard
as 2:2016cv05401

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