US District Court for the Southern District of Florida Civil Rights Cases

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Reed v. Division of Elections
as 1:2006cv22746
Cause Of Action: Discrimination - Review of Agency Act
Reed v. Division of Elections
as 1:2006cv22743
Cause Of Action: Conspiracy Against Citizen Rights
League of Women, et al v. Secretary of State, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 1:2006cv21265
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question: Civil Rights Violation
Johnson v. Sasser, et al
as 9:2006cv80118
Rousseau, et al v. Association of, et al
as 0:2004cv61636
Friedman, et al v. Snipes, et al
as 1:2004cv22787
Diaz, et al v. Secretary of State, et al
as 1:2004cv22572
Cutler, et al v. Hood, et al
as 1:2004cv21003
Wexler, et al v. Lepore, et al
as 9:2004cv80216

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