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Federal Trade Commission v. OMICS Group Inc. et al
as 2:2016cv02022
Defendant: Conference Series LLC, Srinubabu Gedela, OMICS Group Inc. and others
Plaintiff: Federal Trade Commission
Cause Of Action: Federal Trade Commission Act
Wendte v. Rent-A-Center, Inc.
as 2:2016cv01998
Defendant: Rent-A-Center, Inc.
Plaintiff: Richard Wendte
Cause Of Action: Civil Miscellaneous Case
as 2:2016cv01994
Plaintiff: Kristina Loewen
Defendant: Elmer Nellen
Cause Of Action: Petition for Removal
Morgan v. Speedy Cash
as 2:2016cv01983
Plaintiff: Sheila Morgan
Defendant: Speedy Cash
Cause Of Action: Civil Miscellaneous Case
Hyatt et al v. Office of Management and Budget et al
as 2:2016cv01944
Plaintiff: American Association for Equitable Treatment, Inc., Gilbert P. Hyatt
Defendant: Shaun Donovan, Office of Management and Budget
Cause Of Action: Administrative Procedure Act
Fielder v. Financial Corporation of America
as 2:2016cv01941
Plaintiff: Michael Fielder
Defendant: Financial Corporation of America
Cause Of Action: Civil Miscellaneous Case
Brewster v. Midland Credit Management, Inc.
as 2:2016cv01943
Plaintiff: Kamiliha Brewster
Defendant: Midland Credit Management, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Fair Debt Collection Act
Herrera v. Social Security Administration
as 2:2016cv01933
Plaintiff: Sebastian Noriega Herrera
Defendant: Social Security Administration
Cause Of Action: Denial of Social Security Benefits
McBride et al v. ASNY NY, LLC et al
as 2:2016cv01930
Defendant: ASNY NY, LLC, Club de Soleil Vacation Club, Does 1 through 50 and others
Plaintiff: Anita Braves Robertson, Daniel Harris, Marina Harris and others
Cause Of Action: Fair Debt Collection Act
Stresing v. Experian Information Solutions, Inc. et al
as 2:2016cv01911
Defendant: Experian Information Solutions, Inc., Military Star
Plaintiff: James G. Stresing
Cause Of Action: Fair Credit Reporting Act

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