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Andre Stuckey v. Donald Trump, et al
as 20-15372
Defendant / Appellee: DONALD J. TRUMP, MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, Acting Attorney General, Former Acting United States Attorney General, MONICA MILLER, Supervising Special F.B.I. Agent and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: ANDRE KENNETH STUCKEY
Albert Kwan v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fi, et al
as 20-35132
Plaintiff / Appellant: ALBERT K. KWAN
Defendant / Appellee: BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES, Division of the Department of Justice
Defendant: SCENA WEBB, MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, Acting Attorney General, BRIAN T. MORAN
Louis Holger Eklund, et al v. Timothy Burgess, et al
as 20-35112
Defendant / Appellee: JEFFERSON B. SESSIONS III, Attorney General, RICH CURTNER, MARLIN L. RITZMAN and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: LOUIS HOLGER EKLUND
Joseph Koster, et al v. Matthew Whitaker, et al
as 20-15077
Defendant / Appellee: MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, Acting Attorney General, in his official capacity, THOMAS E. BRANDON, in his official capacity, WILLIAM P. BARR, Attorney General, in his official capacity and others
Jian Chen v. William Barr
as 19-3563
Respondent: MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, Acting U.S. Attorney General
Petitioner: JIAN CHEN
Goura Ndiaye v. Matthew Whitaker
as 19-3524
Petitioner: GOURA NDIAYE
Respondent: MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, Acting U.S. Attorney General
Clemente Huerta-Jimenez, et al v. Kirstjen Nielsen, et al
as 19-55420
Respondent / Appellee: KIRSTJEN NIELSEN, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT, RONALD D. VITIELLO and others
Nana Yaw Amo v. William P. Barr
as 19-1637
Respondent: WILLIAM P. BARR, Attorney General of the United States, MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, Acting Attorney General of the United States
Petitioner: NANA YAW AMO
Choi v. Barr
as 19-9515
Respondent: WILLIAM P. BARR, United States Attorney General, MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, United States Attorney General
Petitioner: YUJEONG CHOI
Stella Obioha v. William Barr
as 19-1274
Defendant / Appellee: CRAIG I. FOHL, in his official capacity as Acting Deputy Field Office Director, KRISTJEN NIELSEN, in her official capacity as Secretrary of the Department of Homeland, MATTHEW G. WHITAKER, in his or her official capacity as U.S. Attorney General and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: STELLA ADAOBI OBIOHA, STELLA ADAOBI OBIOHA, a/k/a Adaobi Stella Obioha, a/k/a Adaobi Stella Udeozor

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