Other Statutes Cases filed in the Second Circuit Courts
Figueroa v. Trump
as 20-3922
Plaintiff: David Fuentez, Francisco Diaz, Servando Jose Gomez, AKA Jose Gomez and others
Defendant / Appellee: William P. Barr, United States Attorney General, Donald J. Trump, On his capacity as head of the executive branch of the United States Government, United States B.O.P., F.C.I. Raybrook and all B.O.P. Facilities and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Gabriel Henderson, Reinaldo Rodriguez-Martinez, AKA Reinaldo Rodriguez, Luciano Mendoza-Garcia, AKA Luciano Mendoza and others
Walker v. Schult
as 20-2415
Defendant: Steven Wagner, Associate Warden, FCI Ray Brook, Anne Mary Carter, Associate Warden, FCI Ray Brook, J. L. Norwood, Regional Director and others
Defendant / Appellant: Jackii Sepanek, Counselor, FCI Ray Brook, Deborah G. Schult, Warden, FCI Ray Brook
Plaintiff / Appellee: Ellis Walker
Agee v. Cuomo
as 19-4160
Defendant: Mr. Timothy Quinn, LT.; Auburn Correctional Facility, Joseph Bellnier, Deputy Commissioner of "DOCCS" Correctional Facilities, Mr. John Doe #9, Correctional Officer; Auburn Correctional Facility and others
Defendant / Appellee: Troy Mitchell, FKA John Doe #5, Mrs. Wade, FKA Jane Doe #14, Mr. Keith E. Vincent, II, Correctional Officer; Auburn Correctional Facility
Plaintiff / Appellant: Jkendric Jirelle Agee
Figueroa v. Fernandez
as 19-1404
Respondent / Appellee: Veronica Fernandez, Warden, Ray Brook Correctional Facility
Petitioner / Appellant: Luis Figueroa
In re: Daniel Lugo
as 14-1434
Petitioner: Daniel Lugo
Respondent: D. Hudson, Warden, FCI Ray Brook

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