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American Lung Association, et al v. EPA, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 19-1140
Respondent: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency, Jane Nishida, Acting Administrator
Petitioner: American Lung Association, American Public Health Association
Intervenor: State of Kansas, Phil Bryant, Governor of the State of Mississippi, State of Texas and others
Amicus Curiae: City of Portland, Debra A. Haaland, Michael Oppenheimer and others
Kelvin Miles v. David Paul
as 21-5078
Plaintiff / Appellant: Kelvin J. Miles
Defendant / Appellee: David Paul, Warden of Federal Medical Center (F.M.C.)
M. D. C., et al v. Chad Wolf, et al
as 20-5347
Plaintiff / Appellant: Y. O. T., D. P. R., G. G. L., a minor and others
Defendant / Appellee: William Pelham Barr, in his official capacity as Attorney General of the United States, James McHenry, in his official capacity as Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Andrew Davidson, in his official capacity as USCIS Asylum Office Division Chief and others
Las Americas Immigrant Advoca, et al v. Alejandro Mayorkas, et al
as 20-5386
Plaintiff / Appellant: K.M.V., and their minor child F.B.G.C., B.G.R., and her minor children, D.M.F.G., B.C.F.G., J.M.F.G., and S.F.G., L.E.R.D., minor child and others
Defendant / Appellee: Gloria Chavez, in her official capacity, Border Patrol Sector Chief, El Paso, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, United States Department of Homeland Security and others
P.J.E.S. v. Peter Gaynor, et al
as 20-5357
Defendant / Appellant: Matthew T. Albence, Deputy Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in his official capacity, Robert R. Redfield, Dr., Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in his official capacity, Alex M. Azar, II, Secretary of Health and Human Services, in his official capacity and others
Plaintiff / Appellee: P.J.E.S., a minor child, by and through his father and next friend, Mario Escobar Francisco, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated
Amicus Curiae: Natalia Molina, Gerald L. Neuman, Julian Lim and others
Oscar Dantzler v. DOJ, et al
as 20-5334
Defendant / Appellee: Agents One-Five, United States Department of Justice Office, Louisiana Commission of Human Rights Office of the Governor, Micheal McClananhan, Individually and in his capacity as the State of Louisiana President and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Oscar Dantzler
D.A.M., et al v. William Barr, et al
as 20-5281
Plaintiff / Appellant: A.R.G.., a minor, J.S.M., L.O.R. and others
Defendant / Appellee: Chad F. Wolf, Acting Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, William Pelham Barr, Attorney General of the United States of America
Biogenic CO2 Coalition v. EPA, et al
as 19-1185
Respondent: Andrew Wheeler, Environmental Protection Agency
Petitioner: Biogenic CO2 Coalition
Amicus Curiae: City of Portland, Debra A. Haaland, Michael Oppenheimer and others
Intervenor: Center for Biological Diversity, Clean Air Council, Natural Resources Defense Council and others
Joshua Atchley, et al v. Astrazeneca UK Limited, et al
as 20-7077
Defendant / Appellee: Astrazeneca UK Limited, GE Healthcare USA Holding LLC, Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Victoria Capra, Billy Johnson, Leasa Dollar and others
Afghan and Iraqi Allies v. Michael Pompeo, et al
as 20-5251
Plaintiff / Appellee: Afghan and Iraqi Allies, Under Serious Threat Because of Their Faithful Service to the United States, on Their Own and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated
Defendant / Appellant: United States Department of State, Kenneth T Cuccinelli, II, Chad F. Wolf and others

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