Prisoner Petitions Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
Cases 51 - 60 of 147
Pyung Ryoo v. C. Gipson, et al
as 13-57033
Petitioner - Appellant: PYUNG HWA RYOO
Respondent - Appellee: C. GIPSON and F. FOULK
Kevin Bartholomew v. A. Muhammad, et al
as 13-17453
Plaintiff - Appellant: KEVIN BARTHOLOMEW
Defendant - Appellee: A. F. MUHAMMAD, J. GARCIA, M. JONES and others
Jason Saunders v. Jerry Saunders, et al
as 13-16710
Plaintiff - Appellant: JASON SAUNDERS
Defendant - Appellee: JERRY SAUNDERS, KIM HOLLAND, Warden, E. J. CARRILLO and others
Durrell Puckett v. Corcoran State Prison, et al
as 13-16561
Plaintiff - Appellant: DURRELL PUCKETT, AKA Durrell Anthony Puckett
Defendant - Appellee: CORCORAN STATE PRISON, T. LEWIS, L.F.T., H. GONZALEZ, C.O. and others
John Neuendorf, II v. St. Joseph's Hospital, et al
as 13-16030
Plaintiff - Appellant: JOHN CALVIN NEUENDORF, II
Defendant - Appellee: ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL, WILLIAM C. SCIBETTA, Anesthesiologist Medical Doctor at St. Joseph's Hospital, JAMES A. MANKIN, Assistant Medical Doctor at St. Joseph's Hospital and others
Robert Samuels v. G. Adame, et al
as 13-15669
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROBERT EARL SAMUELS
Defendant - Appellee: G. ADAME, F. RIVERA, B. MEDRANO and others
Gregory Franklin v. R. Madden, et al
as 13-55568
Defendant - Appellee: C. MACIEL, C.O., S. F. ARIAS, C.O., G. HOPPER, Sergeant and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: GREGORY ALLEN FRANKLIN
Jamisi Calloway v. A. Scribner, et al
as 13-15632
Defendant - Appellee: M. BENDON, K. ALLISON, D. DEERING and others
Rose Fernandez v. CDCR, et al
as 13-55491
Defendant - Appellee: BRAWLEY, individually and official capacity, ANDERSON, individually and official capacity, DOM, individually and official capacity and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: ROSE ANN FERNANDEZ
Chet Wilson v. Joan Copperwheat, et al
as 13-35154
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHET MICHAEL WILSON
Defendant - Appellee: JOAN COPPERWHEAT, Director of Lane Co. Parole and Probation, ADAM JOHNSON, Lane Co. Probation Officer, RYAN MARVIN, ODOC Counselor at P.R.C.F. and others

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