Civil Rights Cases filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas
Hernandez et al v. Nueces County, Texas et al
as 2:2012cv00047
Intervenor: Susie Infante , Roland Garza , Andrew Duarte Sr and others
Plaintiff: Clarissa Rodriguez , Joe A Ortiz , Lisa Hernandez and others
Defendant: Nueces County, Texas , Samuel L Neal
Cause Of Action: Civil Rights Act
Type: Civil Rights Voting
Deleon et al v. Salinas et al
as 1:2010cv00303
Plaintiff: Crystal Ramirez friend of C-A-R- , Jin Sandoval , Leonel Sandoval Gonzalez and others
Defendant: Ludivina C. Salinas, Miguel Hernandez, Melissa Castro and others
Cause Of Action: Administrative Procedure Act
Bellamy v. Dunkin et al
as 1:2010cv00036
Defendant: Rene Garza , Jack A. Abbot, Arnie Gonzalez and others
Plaintiff: Phil Bellamy
Cause Of Action: Civil Rights Act
Hensley v. Livingston et al
as 3:2007cv00123
Plaintiff: Roy D Hensley
Defendant: Brad Livingston, Madeline Ortiz, Leonard Lee and others
Amicu: Office of the Attorney General for the State of Texas
Cause Of Action: Federal Question: Other Civil Rights

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