Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit
Cases 31 - 40 of 50
Dennis Sperow v. Vipin Shah, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 14-3050
Plaintiff - Appellant: DENNIS E. SPEROW
Defendant - Appellee: VIPIN K. SHAH, Doctor, Wexford Health Source, Inc., DOCTOR PAUL, Wexford Health Source, Inc., LOUIS SHICKER, Doctor, IDOC Medical Director
William Camplin v. Wexford Health Sources, Incorp, et al
as 14-3004
Plaintiff - Appellant: WILLIAM CAMPLIN
Defendant - Appellee: WEXFORD HEALTH SOURCES, INCORPORATED, Health Care Provider for IDOC, DENNIS ELS, Eye Doctor, CHRISTINE BROWN, Supervisory Director of Health Care
Benjamin Scott v. Marsha Wood, et al
as 14-2626
Plaintiff - Appellant: BENJAMIN K. SCOTT
Defendant - Appellee: MARSHA WOOD, Substance Abuse Program Manager, BMRCC, RICHARD LYNCH, Correctional Counselor, BMRCC, L. WINSOR, Substance Abuse Program Administrator, BMRCC and others
Darryl Duncan v. Pat Quinn, et al
as 14-2362
Plaintiff - Appellant: DARRYL R. DUNCAN
Defendant - Appellee: PAT QUINN, Governor of Illinois, SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Director, Illinois Department of Corrections, PRISONER REVIEW BOARD, ILLINOIS and others
Jay Vermillion v. Mark Levenhagen, et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 14-2327
Plaintiff - Appellant: JAY F. VERMILLION
Defendant - Appellee: MARK E. LEVENHAGEN, Superintendent, SALLY NOWATZKE, Case Counselor WCU, HOWARD MORTON, Administrative Assistant ISP and others
Kenneth Mays v. Adrian Corley, et al
as 13-1815
Plaintiff - Appellant: KENNETH MAYS
Defendant - Appellee: ADRIAN CORLEY, Correctional Officer IDOC, SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Director IDOC, DALE STOKES, Dietary Supervisor and others
Shauntae Robertson v. Michael Randle, et al
as 13-1529
Defendant - Appellee: MARCUS HARDY, Warden, Warden at Stateville Correctional Center, RICH SHUTE, Stateville Medical Director Sued individually in his official capacity, MICHAEL P. RANDLE, Formal IDOC Director and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: SHAUNTAE ROBERTSON
Roderick Allen v. Michelle Grooves, et al
as 12-3543
Plaintiff - Appellant: RODERICK T. ALLEN
Defendant - Appellee: MICHELLE L. GROOVES, Nurse, SALVADOR A. GODINEZ, Director, IDOC, PAULA L. POWERS, Public School Teacher and others
Chester O'Quinn v. Dave Rednour, et al
as 12-2935
Plaintiff - Appellant: CHESTER O'QUINN
Defendant - Appellee: DAVE REDNOUR, E. KAESBERG, Publication Review Officer, Menard CC, BETSY SPILLER, Case Worker, Menard CC and others
Maurice Hardaway v. Bretta Meyerhoff, et al
as 12-2856
Plaintiff - Appellant: MAURICE HARDAWAY
Defendant - Appellee: BRETTA MEYERHOFF, Office, Menard Intelligence Unit, CHARLES PARNELL, Lieutenant and Adjustment Committee Chairperson, JEANETTE D. COWAN, Grievance Officer and others

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