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Michael Forrest v. Wetzel, et al
as 21-1903
Defendant / Appellee: RICHARD D. HOLLE, CFMMI Corrections Facility Maintenance Manager I, CARL KELDIE, Chief Medical Officer, Correct Care Solutions, JOHN E. WETZEL and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: MICHAEL FORREST
Matthews v. Barq
as 21-1212
Defendant: Thoms
Defendant / Appellee: Correction Officer R. Rossy, Eastern Correctional Facility, Sergeant A.J. Ciorciari, Eastern Correctional Facility, Sergeant Barq, Eastern Correctional Facility
Plaintiff / Appellant: Hashim Matthews
Lara v. Lee
as 20-2322
Respondent / Appellee: William Lee, Superintendent, Eastern NY Correctional Facility
Petitioner / Appellant: Ramon Lara
Garlick v. Miller
as 20-1796
Respondent: Superintendent William Lee, Eastern Correctional Facility
Petitioner: James Garlick
Degraffenreid v. Lee
as 20-1676
Petitioner / Appellant: Brian Degraffenreid
Respondent / Appellee: William Lee, Superintendent, Eastern Correctional Facility
Roger Lyles v. Darnell Jackson, et al
as 20-1042
Defendant / Appellee: M. WALTERS, Quarter-Master supervisor, ROBERT KACZMAREK, Saginaw County Prosecutor, KATHLEEN DAVISON HUNTER, Assistant Attorney General and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: ROGER L. LYLES
Medina v. Buther
as 19-3348
Defendant: Michelle Belgard, M.D., Gregg Esposito, Captain at Eastern Correctional Facility, Kevin Signore, Captain at Five Points Correctional Facility and others
Plaintiff / Appellee: Anthony Medina
Defendant / Appellant: New York State Department of Correction and Community Supervision
Rodriguez v. Griffin
as 19-2213
Defendant / Appellee: Roger Traynor, Dr. Bipin Bhavsar, Eastern Correctional Facility, Dr. Ann Andola, Registered Nurse, Eastern Correctional Facility, FKA Ms. Anndola, FKA Doctor Anandolas and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Jose Rodriguez
Defendant: New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Brian Fischer, Thomas Griffin, Superintendent and/or Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Correctional Facility and others
Todd Robben v. USDC-SAC
as 19-71176
Petitioner: TODD ROBBEN
Not Yet Classified: JOHN D'AGOSTINI, El Dorado County Sheriff, GEORGE JAIME, Acting Warden, California City Correctional Facility
Not Classified By Court: In re: TODD ROBBEN
Rivas v. Lee
as 19-1230
Petitioner: Rudi Rivas
Respondent: William A. Lee, Superintendent of Eastern Correctional Facility

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