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Austin Lightfeather v. City of Lincoln
as 21-1646
Defendant: Trevor, Dawn, Malinda, Mental Health Board of Douglas, NE, Pierce Bower and others
Defendant / Appellee: City of Lincoln
Plaintiff / Appellant: Austin Edward Lightfeather
In re: New York City Board of
as 21-375
Plaintiff: Mayling Ralph, Elsa Gulino, Peter Wilds and others
Plaintiff / Appellee: Valerie Jackson
Defendant / Appellant: Board of Education of the City School District of the City of New York
Defendant: New York State Education Department
Alaji v. City of Niagara Falls
as 21-250
Plaintiff / Appellee: Tammy L. Smeal-Jackson, Candice Renee Hill-Ridgeway, Terry Duane Spencer and others
Defendant / Appellant: City of Niagara Falls, CECOS International, Inc., Conestoga-Rovers & Associates and others
Wieloszynski v. City of Niagara Falls
as 21-255
Plaintiff / Appellee: Linda Ann Joseph, Tony P. Kelly, Toni Yvonne Bonham and others
Defendant / Appellant: City of Niagara Falls, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc. and others
Bennett v. City of Niagara Falls
as 21-252
Plaintiff / Appellee: Joanne Zimmerman, Stephen E. Olejar, Sean A. Donoughe, II and others
Defendant / Appellant: City of Niagara Falls, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Occidental Chemical Corporation, individually, and as Successor in Interest to Hooker Chemicals and Plastics Corporation and others
John Bradin, et al v. Michael Carvajal, et al
as 21-5027
Respondent / Appellee: Bureau of Prisons, Southern Center for Human Rights, Michael Carvajal, Director, Bureau of Prisons Central Office and others
Petitioner: Nicholas Ross, Scott Howie, Gregory Greene and others
Petitioner / Appellant: John Bradin
William Saunders, Jr. v. Art Council of Princeton, et al
as 21-1118
Defendant / Appellee: SHIRLEY SATTERFIELD, as individual, PUBLIC ART SELECTION COMMITTEE OF PRINCETON, MARION DAVIA, sued as individual and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: WILLIAM HARDY SAUNDERS, JR., artist and photographer, member of class represent minority group; as individual; and on behalf class all other persons similarly situated John and Mary Does one through hundred yet to be identified and determine part of
Haskins v. The City of New York
as 20-4119
Plaintiff / Appellee: Terrel Haskins
Defendant: The City of New York, Det. Christopher Ottomanelli, Clifford Strong and others
Defendant / Appellant: Det. Essence Jackson
Michael Jackson v. Twin Falls City Idaho, et al
as 20-36060
Defendant / Appellee: TWIN FALLS CITY IDAHO, JUSTIN CYR, Police Officer for Twin Falls City Idaho, TWIN FALLS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, IE: Medical
Plaintiff / Appellant: MICHAEL E. JACKSON
City Union Mission, Inc. v. Mike Sharp, et al
as 20-3435
Defendant / Appellee: Jackson County, Missouri, Sheriff Mike Sharp, Jackson County Sheriff's Office
Plaintiff / Appellant: City Union Mission, Inc.
Intervenor / Appellee: State of Missouri

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