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Young v. US
as 21-1192
Plaintiff / Appellant: STANLEY C. WATSON, et al., BELLA LIANG, BONNIE ROSE SINGH and others
Defendant / Appellee: UNITED STATES
Mays v. Saad et al
as 3:2020cv00199
Defendant: Angela Dunbar, Ian Connors, John Doe and others
Plaintiff: Joseph Randolph Mays
Cause Of Action: Federal Question: Bivens Act
Mays v. Hudgins et al
as 3:2020cv00181
Defendant: Richard Hudgins, Brent Miller, R. Clem and others
Plaintiff: Joseph Randolph Mays
Cause Of Action: Federal Question: Bivens Act
Jamel Robinson v. Hanna Saad, et al
as 20-1873
Defendant / Appellee: PAIGE E. HILLIER, RN, JILL LAWRENCE, Psychologist, ALEKSANDRA WILANOWSKI, Psychiatrist and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: JAMEL LEON ROBINSON
South Wind Women's Center, et al v. Stitt, et al
as 20-6055
Defendant / Appellant: J. KEVIN STITT, in his official capacity as Governor of Oklahoma, DAVID PRATER, in his official capacity as District Attorney for Oklahoma County, GARY COX, in his official capacity as Oklahoma Commissioner of Health and others
Plaintiff / Appellee: LARRY A. BURNS, D.O, on behalf of himself and his staff and his patients, COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD GREAT PLAINS INC., on behalf of itself, its physicians and staff, and its patients, SOUTH WIND WOMEN'S CENTER LLC, on behalf of itself, its physicians and staff, and its patients, DBA Trust Women Oklahoma City
Mercado v. Town of Oxford et al
as 4:2020cv40044
Defendant: Chief Anthony Saad, Town Clerk Lori A. Kelley, Town Treas/Collector Claire D. Wilson and others
Plaintiff: Leonel Mercado
Cause Of Action: Notice of Removal
Tavarras Rhodes v. Jennifer Saad
as 20-6144
Petitioner / Appellant: TAVARRAS RHODES
Respondent / Appellee: JENNIFER SAAD
James Faller, II v. US Bureau of Prisons
as 19-7640
Defendant / Appellee: UNKNOWN FEDERAL EMPLOYEES/AGENTS AND DIRECT CONTRACTORS, JOHN MORAN, Individually and in his official capacity, JENNIFER SAAD, as Warden of Gilmer-FCI and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: JAMES S. FALLER, II
Gary Zierke v. Jennifer Saad
as 19-7334
Respondent / Appellee: JENNIFER SAAD
Petitioner / Appellant: GARY A. ZIERKE
Norman Lee v. Jennifer Saad
as 19-7221
Respondent / Appellee: JENNIFER SAAD, Warden, FCI Gilmer
Petitioner / Appellant: NORMAN LEE

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