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Moon v. Moon
as 20-168
Defendant / Appellee: John Does 1-6, Ki Hoon Kim, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Hyung Jin Moon, "Sean"
Agee v. Cuomo
as 19-4160
Defendant: Mr. Timothy Quinn, LT.; Auburn Correctional Facility, Joseph Bellnier, Deputy Commissioner of "DOCCS" Correctional Facilities, Mr. John Doe #9, Correctional Officer; Auburn Correctional Facility and others
Defendant / Appellee: Troy Mitchell, FKA John Doe #5, Mrs. Wade, FKA Jane Doe #14, Mr. Keith E. Vincent, II, Correctional Officer; Auburn Correctional Facility
Plaintiff / Appellant: Jkendric Jirelle Agee
Torcivia v. Suffolk
as 19-4167
Defendant: John and Jane Does 1-10, individually, Michelle Sanchez, individually, Police Officers John Doe 3 & 4, individually and professionally, who confiscated Plaintiff's weapons from his home on April 6, 2014 and others
Defendant / Appellee: Dianna D'Anna, individually, Mary Catherine Smith, Investigator Thomas Carpenter, individually and professionally and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Wayne Torcivia
Tim Axelson v. Randall Watson, et al
as 19-3591
Defendant / Appellee: Floria Washington, Classification Officer, Varner Unit (originally named as F. Washington), Moses Jackson, Assistant Warden, Varner Unit, Kennie Bolden, Major/Chief of Security, Varner Unit and others
Defendant: Mark Stephens, Captain, Varner Unit (originally named as Stephens), Deborah Andrews, Corporal, Myheisia Jones, Corporal and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Tim Axelson
Simon v. Manhattan Mini Storage LLC
as 19-3809
Defendant / Appellee: John Doe 2, N.Y.P.D. ex-cop, AKA Hector, One City Mission Inc., Robert McPhillips, Urban Pathways, Inc. and others
Defendant: McKinney's Shelter, AKA McGuinness Shelter, BRC
Plaintiff / Appellant: Robert Simon
Raul Arellano, Jr. v. R. Olson, et al
as 19-56264
Defendant: JOHN DOE, #2, G. STRATTON, Chief Deputy Warden, JOHN DOE, #3 and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: RAUL ARELLANO
Optimum Productions, et al v. Home Box Office, et al
as 19-56222
Defendant / Appellant: HOME BOX OFFICE, INC., a Delaware corporation
Defendant: DOES, 1 through 5, business entities unknown; 6 through 10, business indivduals unknown, HOME BOX OFFICE, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment L.P. a Delaware Limited Partnership
Plaintiff / Appellee: JOHN BRANCA, OPTIMUM PRODUCTIONS, a California corporation, JOHN MCCLAIN, in the Respective Capacities as Co-Executor of the Estate of Michael J. Jackson
James Myart, Jr. v. Steven Mach, et al
as 19-50920
Defendant / Appellee: JANE DOE, Head ER Nurse, JASON LISERIO, TREY BANACK and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: JAMES W. MYART, JR.
Simon v. Manhattan Mini Storage LLC
as 19-3165
Defendant / Appellee: John Doe 2, N.Y.P.D. ex-cop, AKA Hector, Robert McPhillips, Urban Pathways, Inc., One City Mission Inc. and others
Defendant: McKinney's Shelter, AKA McGuinness Shelter, BRC, New York Common Pantry
Plaintiff / Appellant: Robert Simon
Ewers v. City of New York
as 19-2931
Defendant: John and Jane Doe, Correction Officers 1-5, John and Jane Doe, Medical Provider# 6-10, Captain Diaz and others
Defendant / Appellee: Captain Robert Diaz, Alexis Goodridge, New York City Department of Correction Officer, Correction Officer Nathalie Mendoza and others
Appellant: Lawrence E. Penn, III
Plaintiff / Appellee: Altura St. Michael Ewers

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