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Kastner v. Tri State Eye
as 20-3671
Plaintiff / Appellant: Joseph R.E. Kastner
Defendant: Third Party CIGNA, United States of America, All Represented by the US Attorney through the US Food & Drug Administration, USA et al. through the EEOC, through the "SSAUSA" et al.The US Inspector General,USA et al., United States Department of Health and Human Services and others
Defendant / Appellee: Tri State Eye, et al., Crystal Run Healthcare, Coverys RFG, Inc., is serviced by ProSelect Insurance Company, CRHC REP #1 Mr. Douglas Sansted(Esq. Not LLP) CRHC Rep. #2 Kristen Larson Doyle(Esq Not LLP) Jeffrey Feldman Doyle(Esq not LLP) are all reps of FKC&S CRHC exclusiv, Feldman, Kleidman, Coffey & Sappe, Attorneys at Law FKC&S Rep #1 Kristen Larsen Doyle (Esq Not LLP) are all Reps of FKC&S CRHC Exclusively Esqs. and others
Plaintiff: Jane and John Doe 1-20, Personal Injury / Pain Suffering, Emotional Physical Psychological Distress Litigation, and Lost Income of 32 Years Past, Present and Future, Civil Rights, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Civil Rights with High Prejudice
Cyganowski v. Beechwood Re Ltd.
as 20-3100
3Rd Party Defendant: Hokyong Kim, AKA Stewart Kim, Mark Nordlicht, B Asset Manager II GP LLC and others
Defendant / Appellee: Feuer Family Trust, Beechwood Bermuda Investment Holdings, LTD., BRE BCLIC 2013 LTC Primary and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Melanie L Cyganowski, as Equity Receiver for Platinum Partners Credit Opportunities Master Fund LP, Platinum Partners Credit Opportunities Fund International Ltd., Platinum Partners Credit Opportunities Fund (TE) LLC and others
Defendant: Beechwood Bermuda Ltd., 40/86 Advisors, Inc., B Asset Manager II LP and others
Appellee: MSD Administrative Services LLC, Feuer Family 2016 ACQ Trust, Taylor-Lau Family Family 2016 ACQ Trust and others
Norfe Group Corp. v. R.Y. Espinosa Inc. et al
as 3:2019cv01897
Defendant: Unknown Insurance Companies A through C, Faustino Cortes, John Does 1, 2, 3 and 4 and others
Plaintiff: Norfe Group Corp.
Cause Of Action: Racketeering (RICO) Act
OK Resorts of Puerto Rico, Inc. et al v. Charles Taylor Adjusting, Inc. et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 3:2019cv01889
Defendant: John Doe 3, John Doe 4, Integrand Assurance Co. and others
Plaintiff: Ok Resorts Of Puerto Rico, Inc., Executive Fantasy Hotel, Inc., Riverside Resort, Inc.
Cause Of Action: Personal Injury
Happy Stompingbear v. Wendy Kelley, et al
as 19-2962
Defendant / Appellee: Chaplain Moore, also known as Doe (Chaplain), Lieutenant Clark, ORCU, also known as Mr. Clark, John Doe, 2 and others
Defendant: Sergeant Warren Walker, Varner Unit, Mr. Henig, Chaplain, Varner Unit, Sergeant Jesse Jackson, Varner Unit and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Happy Stompingbear, also known as Chris Ward
Netti v. Ayers
as 19-222
Defendant: John Iacona, John Doe # 2, Tom Ferlenda and others
Defendant / Appellee: State of New York
Plaintiff / Appellant: Grace Ann Netti
Cyganowski, et al v. Beechwood Re Ltd. et al
as 1:2018cv12018
Defendant: Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, Beechwood Bermuda Ltd., BRE WNIC 2013 LTC Primary and others
Plaintiff: Melanie L. Cyganowski, as Equity Receiver for Platinum Partners Credit Opportunities Master Fund LP, Platinum Partners Credit Opportunity Fund (BL) LLC, Platinum Partners Credit Opportunities Fund (TE) LLC and others
3Rd Party Plaintiff: Washington National Insurance Company, Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company
3Rd Party Defendant: PB Investment Holdings Ltd., Beechwood Trust No. 19, Beechwood Trust No. 9 and others
Cause Of Action: Racketeering (RICO) Act
American Transit Insurance Company v. Akpan et al
as 1:2018cv04420
Defendant: First Care Chiropractic of N.J., P.C., Jeremy M Whitfield, D.C., Bruce C Bromberg, D.C. and others
Plaintiff: American Transit Insurance Company
Cause Of Action: Racketeering (RICO) Act
Allstate Insurance Company et al v. Avetisyan et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 1:2017cv04275
Defendant: ABC Corporations, AOM Medical Supply, Inc., AVA Custom Supply Inc. and others
Plaintiff: Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Indemnity Company, Allstate Insurance Company and others
Cause Of Action: Racketeering (RICO) Act
Kriss v. BayRock Group LLC
as 16-3524
Plaintiff: Jody Kriss, directly and derivately on behalf of BayRock Group LLC, Michael Chu'Di Ejekam, Bayrock Spring Street, LLC and others
Respondent: Richard E. Lerner
Defendant - Appellee: Felix Satter
Defendant: BayRock Group LLC, Tevfik Arif, Julius Schwarz and others
Intervenor - Appellant: Jane Does, 1-2

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