Other Statutes Cases filed in the Eighth Circuit Courts
Tony Jackson v. Tim Walz, et al
as 20-1805
Defendant / Appellee: Cari Gerlicher, former Office of Special Investigations Director of the MNDOC, in her individual & official capacity, Sheila Packwood, Corrections Program Director, R.D.N.L.D, Food & Nutrition Services, in her Official capacity, Union Local 600 AFSCME, Individually & Official Capacity as Corrections Guard Unit, Representatives Stillwater Correctional Facility and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Tony D. Jackson, Jail House Lawyer, Other Similarly Situated Prisoners At Stillwater Correctional Facility & Other Similarly Situated Prisoners At Rush City Correctional Facility & All Other Minnesota Correctional Facilities & Contracted Half Way Hou

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