Civil Rights Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
Cases 11 - 20 of 34
Fileccia v. City of New York
as 13-1138
Defendant - Appellee: Banco Santander, Lorraine M. Stergious, AKA Lorraine M. Kenny, Thomas P. Burns and others
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellant: Richard Fileccia and Robert J. Fileccia, Esq.
Defendant-Counter-Claimant - Appellee: Steven M. Reiss and Walter E. Parks
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 13-3700
Plaintiff - Appellant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Trammell v. State of Delaware
as 14-1371
Plaintiff - Appellant: George K. Trammell, Father, Individually, and as Parent, Guardian and Next Friend of M. Doe, a Minor Child, Individually, Refer to Complaint for Further Party Text
Defendant - Appellee: State of Delaware, Office of the Executive Branch, c/o Jack A. Markell, Constituent Relations and others
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 13-666
Defendant - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Plaintiff - Appellant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Ward v. City of New York
as 17-2973
Plaintiff - Appellant: Elaine Ward
Defendant - Appellee: City of New York, Scott Stringer, New York City Comptroller, Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor and others
Plaintiff v. Defendant
as 12-789
Plaintiff - Appellant: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Defendant - Appellee: Plaintiff v. Defendant
Schultz v. State of New York
as 11-4894
Plaintiff: Doug Bersaw, New Hampshire, Amanda Moore, South Carolina, Arthur Groveman, Florida and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Robert L. Schulz, New York and John Liggett, New York
Defendant: State of New Hampshire, State of South Carolina, State of Florida and others
Defendant - Appellee: State of New York, Douglas Kellner, individually and as Commissioner of the New York State Board of Elections, Evelyn Aquila, individually and as Commissioner of the New York State Board of Elections and others
Musco Propane, LLP v. Town of Wolcott
as 12-3746
Plaintiff - Appellant: Musco Propane, LLP
Defendant - Appellee: Town of Wolcott Planning and Zoning Commission, Town of Wolcott Zoning Board of Appeals, Thomas G. Dunn, in his individual and official capacity and others
Turkmen v. Ashcroft
as 13-1662
Plaintiff: Asif-Ur-Rehman Saffi, Syed Amjad Ali Jaffri, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, Akil Sachveda and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Ibrahim Turkmen, Akhil Sachdeva, Anser Mehmood and others
Defendant - Appellee: John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States, Robert Mueller, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations, James W. Ziglar, Commissioner, Immigration and Naturalization Service and others
Intervenor: Omer Gavriel Marmari, Yaron Shmuel, Paul Kurzberg and others
Jones v. Parmley
as 16-3603
Plaintiff: Sheila Ninham Fish Coleman, Joseph Coleman as Administrator of Estate, agent of Joseph Coleman, Gabrielle Misener, Marissa Horton, AKA Marissa Hunt and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Nadine O'Field / Ganonhweih, FKA Nadine Bucktooth
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant - Appellant: Andrew Jones, Robert E. Bucktooth, Jr., Cheryl Bucktooth and others
Plaintiff-Counter-Defendant: Stonehorse Goeman, Marie Peters, Wealthy Bucktooth, Individually and others
Defendant - Appellee: James J. Parmley, George Beach, Pamela J. Morris and others
Defendant: James W. McMahon, Superintendent of New York State Police, in his official and personal capacity, County of Onondaga, Onondaga County Sheriff's Department and others

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