Cases filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California
Glen Broemer v. United States
as 2:2003cv09097
Plaintiff: Glen Broemer
Defendant: United States of America, George Tenet, Central Intelligence Agency and others
Cause Of Action: Personal Injury
Daniel Cohen v. Los Angeles County et al
as 2:2015cv03576
Defendant: Lee Baca, Lee Baca, DOE and others
Plaintiff: Daniel Cohen
Debtor-in-Possession: Ray Leyva
Lois Southard et al v. Pfizer Inc et al
as 2:2014cv01903
Plaintiff: Kathleen Altaro, Sharon Amadon, Johnnie Ammons and others
Defendant: Does, McKesson Corporation, Pfizer Inc
James R. Denger et al v. George W. Bush et al
as 8:2007cv00623
Plaintiff: James R Denger, John Walkowiak
Defendant: George W Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Stephanie Mikhail and others
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question
Thomas Henderson et al v. National Football League et al
as 2:2012cv04761
Defendant: All American Sports Corporation, EB Sports Corp., Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. and others
Plaintiff: Kim Anderson, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Chrystal Gbajabiamila and others
Heath Adams et al v. City of Los Angeles et al
as 2:2014cv05685
Plaintiff: Kelvin Scott, Dean Schramm, Marsha Reyes and others
Defendant: Does, City of Los Angeles
S. A. Thomas v. Leroy David Baca et al
as 2:2014cv07883
Defendant: Marvin J. Southard, Stephen Michael Shea, Stephen Michael Shea and others
Plaintiff: S A Thomas
Gilbert Ray Gonzales v. M. D. McDonald We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 2:2010cv01562
Petitioner: Gilbert Ray Gonzales
Respondent: M. D. McDonald

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