Cases filed in Oregon
Securities and Exchange Commission v. Sunwest Management, Inc. et al
as 6:2009cv06056
Intervenor: Federal National Mortgage Association, Vestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc., Connolly Intervenors and others
Amicus Curiae: Hawley's Sequim, LLC, Walter Stawinski, Ventas Realty, Limited Partnership and others
Claimant: Lloyd Enterprises, Inc., Scott C. Nielsen, Smart Park 3 TIC Investors and others
Interested Party: Grove, Mueller & Swank, P.C., Mountain View ALF Investors, LLC, Thomas F. Biesiadecki and others
Defendant: J. Wallace Gutzler, Sunwest Management, Inc., Clyde Hamstreet and others
Petitioner: Jonathan Lee Riches, Milton Obote, Secured TICs and others
Interpleader: Zions First National Bank
Receiver: Michael Grassmueck, Maggie Lyons
Plaintiff: Securities and Exchange Commission
Intervenor Defendant: Harry Geistlinger
Cause Of Action: Securities Fraud

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