Paul Markowitz v. David Ynguanzo, et al
as 19-5528
Defendant / Appellee: THE "MED'S" EMPLOYEES JOHN & JANE DOES 1-8, in their individual and official capacities, KROGER FOOD STORE CORPORATION, DAVID YNGUANZO, in his individual and official capacity and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: PAUL S. MARKOWITZ
Larry Garrett, Jr. v. Shelby County Jail, et al
as 18-12359
Plaintiff - Appellant: LARRY DEAN GARRETT, JR.
Defendant - Appellee: SHELBY COUNTY JAIL, Official Capacity, K. BOIRD, Staff Member, Individual Capacity, LAWRENCE, Staff Member, Individual Capacity
Paul Markowitz v. The University of Memphis, et al
as 16-6421
Plaintiff - Appellant: PAUL S. MARKOWITZ, and as Next of Friend for Stan Bronson
Defendant - Appellee: THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, JOHN AND JANE DOES, # 1-10 in their individual and official capacities, JOHN AND JANE DOES, in their individual and official capacities as employment and employers for the University of Memphis Police or security employees for the State of Tennessee University campus police and others
Alieah Ward, et al v. Shelby County Sheriff's Depart, et al
as 12-6331
Plaintiff - Appellant: ALIEAH WARD, CARLEY ADAMS, LAURA OSWALT, as Next of Kin of David Oswalt, deceased
Defendant: SHELBY COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT, SHELBY COUNTY JAIL, f, MARK H. LUTTRELL, JR., individually and in his official capacity and others
Billy Batemon v. State of Arkansas, et al
as 10-1921
Plaintiff - Appellant: Billy Batemon
Defendant - Appellee: State of Arkansas, Tri County Drug Task Force, Robert H. Wyatt, Jr., in Official Capacity as Circuit Judge of Jefferson County and others
Defendant: John Does, 6 Unknown Tri County Task Members, Gerald Robinson, in Official Capacity as Jefferson County Sheriff and In His Personal Capacity, Bernard Adams, in Official Capacity as a Captain of Jefferson County Sheriff Department & Jail and In His Personal Capacity and others

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