Harold Covert v. Dexter Payne, et al
as 22-1257
Plaintiff / Appellant: Harold Moses Covert
Defendant / Appellee: Dexter Payne, Wendy Kelley, James Gibson and others
Defendant: Joseph Bivens, Lt., Varner Supermax, ADC, R. Owen, Grievance Coordinator, Varner Supermax, ADC and A. Lewis, Corporal, Varner Supermax, ADC
Patrick Parker, Sr. v. Joseph Higgs, Jr. We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 09-7160
Plaintiff - Appellant: PATRICK O. PARKER, SR.
Defendant - Appellee: JOSEPH A. HIGGS, JR., Superintendent, L. WALLACE, Ombudsman, R. WILSON, Mr., Deputy Superintendent and others

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