Westmoreland Mining Holdings L v. EPA, et al
as 19-1176
Petitioner: Westmoreland Mining Holdings LLC
Respondent: Andrew Wheeler, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, Jane Nishida, Acting Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency
Amicus Curiae: City of Portland, Debra A. Haaland, Michael Oppenheimer and others
Intervenor: Commonwealth of Virginia, Center for Biological Diversity, City of Boulder and others
Dannez Hunter v. Keith Rupert Murdoch, et al
as 19-2293
Defendant / Appellee: David S. Doty, Ruben Castillo, James Rupert Murdoch and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Dannez W. Hunter
Michael Hucul v. USHHS, et al
as 17-55192
Plaintiff - Appellant: MICHAEL HUCUL, a Father with joint custody of his child or children, on behalf of himself and those like him. And as a Parent with joint custody of their child or children.
Defendant - Appellee: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, SYLVIA MATHEWS BURWELL, Former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, STATE OF MICHIGAN and others
Hucul v. Mathews Burwell et al We have downloadable decisions or orders for this case
as 3:2016cv01244
Plaintiff: Michael Hucul
Defendant: United States Department of Health of Human Services and it's Sceretary, Sylvia Mathews Burwell, State of Michigan and it's Governor, Richard Dale Snyder , State of California and it's Governor, Edmund G. Brown Jr. and others
Cause Of Action: Fed. Question

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