Cases filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit
Harold Hobbs v. Larry May, et al
as 13-1389
Defendant - Appellee: Larry May, Deputy Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, M. Evans, Deputy Director, Arkansas Department of Correction, Danny Burl, Warden, East Arkansas Regional Unit, ADC and others
Defendant: Williams, Major, Maximum Security Unit, ADC, W. Strong, Warden, Maximum Security Unit, ADC, Outlaw, Deputy Warden, Maximum Security Unit, ADC and others
Plaintiff - Appellant: Harold Hobbs
Harold Henderson v. Correctional Medical Services, et al
as 11-2699
Plaintiff - Appellant: Harold Henderson
Defendant - Appellee: Correctional Medical Services, Inc., Arkansas Department of Correction, M. Zoldessy, Dr., CMS Dental Director, Arkansas Department of Correction and others

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