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Stephen West v. Tony Parker, et al
as 19-5585
Defendant / Appellee: TONY PARKER, Commissioner, Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, in his official capacity;, TONY MAYS, Warden, Riverbend Maximum Security Institution, in his official capacity
Plaintiff / Appellant: STEPHEN MICHAEL WEST
Ruben Valdez v. Matthew Cate, et al
as 19-16123
Defendant / Appellee: L. WALLACE, Assistant Institutional Gang Investigator, CSP - Sacramento, SCOTT, TIM V. VIRGA, Warden, CSP - Sacramento and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: RUBEN VALDEZ
Defendant: D. FOSTON, J. MAYHEW, Institutional Gang Investigator Lieutenant, CSP - Sacramento, D. STARK, Appeals Examiner, IAB
Travis May v. Daniel Heyns, et al
as 19-1596
Defendant / Appellee: POND, Resident Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor, THOMAS COMBS, Michigan Parole Board Member, HERNANDEZ, Resident Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: TRAVIS MAY
Daniel Andrews, Sr. v. Michael Nutter, et al
as 19-2162
Plaintiff / Appellant: DANIEL RUSSELL ANDREWS, SR.
Defendant / Appellee: GERALD MAY, Warden of CFCF, MICHAEL NUTTER, Former Mayor of Philadelphia, JAMES KENNEY, Mayor of Philadelphia
Defendant: MICHELE FARRELL, Former Warden of CFCF, MICHAEL NUTTER, Former Warden of CFCF, GERALD MAY, Former Warden of CFCF and others
Adrian Ayers v. Harold May
as 19-3465
Respondent / Appellee: HAROLD MAY, Warden
Petitioner / Appellant: ADRIAN AYERS
James Biggins v. Matt Denn, et al
as 19-2095
Defendant / Appellee: TIM MARTIN, Paralegal II, DANA METZGER, Warden, STANLEY BAYNARD, Internal Affairs and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: JAMES ARTHUR BIGGINS
In re: Willie Smith
as 19-3409
Petitioner: In re: WILLIE S. SMITH
Respondent: HAROLD MAY, Warden
William Rogers v. Tony Mays
as 19-5427
Petitioner / Appellant: WILLIAM GLENN ROGERS
Respondent / Appellee: TONY MAYS, Warden
Rogelio Ruiz v. David Baughman
as 19-70715
Respondent: DAVID BAUGHMAN, Warden
Derrick Galvin v. Wendy Kelley, et al
as 19-1577
Defendant / Appellee: Brandon Caroll, Major, Varner/VSM, David Lieman, Owner, THV 11 News, Dhiraj Jeyanhomdurajan, Owner/Creator, Qneuros Technology and others
Plaintiff / Appellant: Derrick S. Galvin

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